Your Guide to the Best Marketing Analytics Tools

Your guide to the best marketing analytics tools

Marketing analytics tools are essential to help you generate increased leads and sales for your business. But, with so many tools available, how do you know which ones are worth implementing?

To help you with this task, we’re going to discuss one marketing analytics tool in particular: call tracking software.

Read on to learn what call tracking software is and how your business can benefit from using this expert analytics tool.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking is one of the most intricate marketing analytics tools that provides detailed tracking for all customer phone calls. With the software’s help, you can attribute every call to the specific marketing sources that produced the interaction.

This means you can view the entire journey of a customer who interacts with your marketing, including every touchpoint they visit before, during, and after they call.

The software can use dynamic numbers for your website, so you can clearly trace the activities that drive your calls, leads, and sales.

Where call tracking exceeds other software, is the fact it can offer visitor-level tracking. This means not only being able to see the entire customer journey, but even the touchpoints visited by callers who leave a session on your website, and then return at a later time.

With this software and its excellent features, you’ll have everything you need to elevate your marketing performance.

How can your business benefit from incorporating call tracking software?

Your business can receive a vast range of benefits from incorporating call tracking software, which can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Optimising your campaigns for growth

The software can help you attribute every call to the specific campaigns that drive them – whether this be social media campaigns, pay-per-click activity (PPC), etc. As a result, you’ll know which of your campaigns are most successful at engaging customers.

The software can combine both your online and offline campaigns in the reports, so you can benefit from digital and traditional forms of marketing without losing out on data accuracy.

When you know which of your campaigns and channels are most effective, you can replicate the elements of these activities into new campaigns you create, so they too can grow increased leads and sales for your company.

  • Gaining insight into customer behaviour

Call tracking can also give you clear insight into customer behaviour and help you alter your marketing strategy accordingly.

For instance, the software’s reports might reveal that customers are more likely to convert near the top of the funnel by following a link on your Facebook page and then calling.

With these thorough insights into customer interactions, you can structure areas of your marketing to emphasise these conversion points and drive increased leads.

For example, including a more compelling call to action, or investing more resources into your paid Facebook ads.

  • Maximising returns from your marketing efforts

You can also use call tracking to maximise the returns from your marketing investments and distribute your budget more cost-effectively.

The software can help reveal the value of various campaigns and channels, by showing those which are producing a high number of leads and sales, and those which are receiving limited engagement.

With this information, you can more accurately direct your resources towards your most successful campaigns, and remove any investment from activities which are proving ineffective.

This will offer a more profitable return on investment, and give you a better cost per lead for your marketing efforts.

Now you have a better understanding of what marketing analytics tool to incorporate into your business, you can start reaping the benefits of more effective and insightful marketing data.


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