You Should Never Delay Settlement After an Accident – Here’s Why

While accidents are often unavoidable, in some cases, they can be caused by other people’s negligence. If you can prove that an accident has been caused by someone’s negligence, then you are eligible for compensation. The wrongdoer is responsible for compensating the injured party for damaged property, medical bills, lost earnings, as well as poor quality of life. However, you should never delay settlement after an accident. You should start by calling your lawyer. If you don’t have any, you may hire an experienced lawyer via

What You Do Not Know About Your Insurance Company

Many people believe that getting compensation after an accident is an automatic process and that it is also easy to file for a claim. These people will only face reality when they are involved in an accident and try to claim compensation. To dispel these myths about compensation after an accident, you need to know the truth about insurance companies and how they operate. All insurance firms are in business to generate profits. While the law says insurance companies should not use their claims department to reap profits, the laws are often violated by many. Therefore, you should not delay settlement after an accident since the insurance provider, that should pay compensation, can take advantage of that and offer you peanuts.

Delaying Treatment Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

If you delay getting treatment after an accident, the insurance company can use it to justify their reasons for reducing, or even denying, your claim. If you do not seek immediate treatment after an accident, the insurance company will argue that your injuries are not as bad as you claim, or as they truly are. The insurance company can also delay the claims process which can complicate the whole issue if there is any delay in settlement. You should have official documentation that shows you sought medical treatment after the accident to prevent such unfortunate scenarios from playing out to your detriment.

Legal Case Affected

If you delay settlement, the insurance company can defend its decision to delay in paying compensation, which can lead to a long court process. The legal process can be expensive and the insurance company will deliberately delay compensation as a way of combating your claim. What you need to know from the onset is that you are not relatives with your insurer. They are after profit from their business, so you need to prove that the defendant was negligent and the damages you suffered were a result of their negligence. However, if you take time to seek medical care as well as to file for compensation, the jury can be swayed to rule in favor of the insurance company. The success of your claim should be determined by the evidence of injuries that you present, otherwise, you will not get the compensation you deserve.

Difficult to Prove Damages to Property

Soon after an accident, you should report to your insurance company, who then sends an adjuster to evaluate the damage caused to your property. It is recommended that this should be done at the accident scene, where the representative from the insurance company can also get a statement from the police officer attending to the accident. Your insurance claim should be accompanied by a police report, otherwise, it may be declined by the insurance company. When you delay reporting the accident to the insurance company, it can affect your settlement. It may be difficult for the adjuster to prove the accident which can lead the insurance company to downplay your compensation claim.

Insurance companies often misrepresent information so that they can deny the plaintiff the right to compensation for lost earnings, quality of life, medical bills, as well as trauma suffered. Different insurance companies also use claims systems that are computer-driven to create low compensation. This will help the company increase its profits and the situation can only be worsened by delaying the settlement. Delays give the insurance company the opportunity to misrepresent your injuries as not severe and thereby not deserving the compensation sought.

Getting involved in any kind of accident brings with it many issues. A car accident can change your life since you may not be able to enjoy the same quality of life afterward. If an accident is a result of someone’s negligence, you should get compensation from them, but you need not delay the settlement. You should never delay getting medical treatment since it can jeopardize your claim and allow the insurance company to argue that your injuries are not serious. To win your claim, you need legal representation and you should avoid signing anything in the absence of your accident attorney.

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