You Can Write It Better With 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Bloggers and Authors


For writers, one of the biggest challenges is getting their work out to the world through the internet. Articles are published on blogs, but many authors are surprised to learn that there are many more options for sharing their work online. The use of the best artificial intelligence tools for bloggers and authors like Hubspot, Authorize.Net, and Author Central is rapidly increasing, which means that it is easier than ever to reach your audience.

What are artificial intelligence tools?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere today. We now have everything from self-driving cars to the ability to book flights through your smartphone. But at what price? At what cost to our privacy? Will our lives become more predictable and controlled by the machines? The layers of complexity surrounding artificial intelligence are vast, so it can be hard to see exactly what’s going on. But it’s not all bad. Artificial intelligence can bring some new tools to the table, and some new technologies can help us get our work up on the web faster.

Artificial intelligence tools can drastically change the way you do your daily tasks. These days, there are a plethora of artificial intelligence applications that can automate a wide range of work, from simple tasks to complex ones. However, not everyone is sure how to use these tools. That is why we want to share with you what these best artificial intelligence tools for bloggers and authors can do for you.

Choosing the Best AI tools

One of the biggest obstacles to blogging and writing is getting familiar with the tools and techniques out there. There are so much available and so many different tools, and techniques and how you should use them is a topic of hot debate. Some say it’s all about the WordPress platform, and some say it’s all about the tools. 

Actually, there are a ton of AI blogging tools out there that can help you find content for your blog, manage blog archives, and much more. However, it’s important to note that each of them has distinct strengths and weaknesses. To help you determine which tools are better suited for your blogging needs, we’ve brought out these tools, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.


WordAi is content writing tool for bloggers and online writers. It helps you to avoid plagiarism and create unique and readable content. This tool gives you the possibility to avoid duplicate content and unnecessary words. This tool also helps you to avoid grammar and spelling errors.


Articoolo is a machine learning tool that allows you to train a machine learning algorithm on your own data and see how it performs. It’s a great tool for bloggers and authors who want to experiment with machine learning without having to build their own classifiers and predictors. The most common use case is to predict which chapters or posts will be most popular, but Articoolo can be used for many other tasks as well, such as clustering chapters and segments, identifying content types, and building personalization models.


If you’re in the market for a tool that will help you write better content or find a solution to your SEO problems, you have come to the right place. Writesonic is a powerful yet easy-to-use AI tool that has been created to help you take your content from average to extraordinary. With Writesonic, you’ll learn how to captivate your readers, generate more traffic, and increase your earnings. is a tool that can automatically do some of the hard work that is involved with writing an article. It helps you with writing the introduction, body, and conclusion of your blog post, then creating a Twitter-friendly summary. An awesome feature of the tool is that it is flexible. It can be used to create a blog post on a site that doesn’t support WordPress, like Medium, or that only allows for images, like Blogger.


One of the few tools that can keep up with your words, no matter how fast you type, by offering you on-the-fly spelling correction. With WordTune, you can quickly correct common spelling errors on your blog or on any web page by just pasting the text you want to be corrected, and WordTune will automatically identify your words.

AI Writer 

An AI tool made specifically for the purpose of writing. It is designed to write the content of any length, with any style or topic, with no human intervention. It can even learn over time, writing more optimally the more it is used. AI Writer uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to write the content of any length, with any style or topic

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI tool as well, that creates an article that is similar to the one you’ve already written. Since the default settings are pretty good, you can easily use Article Forge to see how many visitors would like to read your article and how much you should edit it before publishing. Using Article Forge can save your precious time and make your content far more valuable to your readers.

These artificial intelligence tools for bloggers and authors are the best tools that bloggers and authors can use to improve their blog posts by using AI. Some of the tools are free, some require a little money, but all are useful. Make a choice; choose the AI tool that you will use wisely.


Artificial intelligence tools are fast becoming an essential tool for bloggers and authors, whether you’re an expert in the field or just starting out. Some of these tools can help with research, some can help you write, and others can help you gain insight into your readers. Although their usage is still relatively new, already they’ve become a staple for established content marketers. That’s because these tools save you countless hours of work and help you automate repetitive tasks that can be time-consuming and distracting.


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