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Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic of coronavirus. This happened because many businesses suffered huge losses and weren’t able to adapt to new conditions. This was very relevant for the delivery sector, which faced additional difficulties caused by global supply chain issues. But there are companies that managed to go through these difficulties.

Uss-Express is one of the companies that managed to provide home packing jobs and preserve many positions. Now, the company is looking for new specialists to work in the position of quality manager. If you are interested in this vacancy, learn more about it and your potential employer from this review. Let’s get down to business.

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Pros and cons of a remote position

A quality manager in Uss-Express is your chance to get a well-paid remote job. Shipping jobs from home like this are increasing in popularity among people who are looking for new workplaces. A remote position of quality manager has its pros and cons that must be taken into account before applying for this vacancy.


  • you can apply for a part-time position and earn up to $1,7000 per month;
  • the maximum salary of a full-time worker can reach up to $3,200;
  • a quality manager position in Uss-Express is a good entry point in logistics for people that don’t have any experience in this industry;
  • work from home packing and shipping products of the world’s biggest retailers;
  • one of the best packing jobs from home in terms of entry-level;
  • generous bonuses;
  • your apartment is your work office and warehouse at the same time.

We understand that nothing can be perfect. That’s why, in order to be objective, we also have to outline the most obvious cons of this position:

  • you have to store many packages at home, which is not very convenient;
  • full-timers face a lack of free time for private life;
  • poor career prospects;
  • the flow of parcels is very intense.

If you can put up with these disadvantages, that’s great for you. Keep reading to learn more about this job and the employer.

Quality manager responsibilities

The set of duties and responsibilities is the main part of any packing job at home. By estimating them, candidates for the vacancy can determine whether the work conditions correspond to the required functions. As we found out from the testimonials of real employees, although the schedule is quite busy, Uss-Express doesn’t make its quality managers responsible for too many functions. They do the following:

  • check the content of parcels and their quality;
  • provide reports about orders to your management;
  • choose and substitute packing materials (if necessary);
  • ship the packages to the required addresses.

What do they say about the company’s reputation?

When you estimate packing from home jobs, you should consider not only general conditions and your potential salary but the reputation of your employer. Why do you need to know this? Because companies with good reputations attract more clients and partners. Customers become more loyal to the business. This helps them grow, develop, and provide better work conditions for employees. 

To learn about the reputation of the employer firsthand, we looked through the testimonials of clients and workers on such review platforms as Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB, Trustpilot, or Ambitionbox. To cut long story short, Uss Express has a good reputation – its clients and workers are loyal. Read hundreds of comments on the above-mentioned platform to make sure that this statement is 100% true.

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In an instant, the position is yours!

It’s not difficult to begin to work from home shipping packages in the Uss-Express delivery agency. All you have to do is to fill in the candidate’s form. You need to mention your full name, state address, email address, and phone number and complete a 10-minute job interview. Also, you must meet the requirements:

  • be at least 18;
  • have a physical address;
  • have the necessary equipment: printer, laptop, smartphone.

And that’s it! If you can satisfy these requirements, just apply and this position is yours!


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