Wopart Returns to Lugano from 18 to 22 September Next Year.

Alberto Rusconi

Rusconi: “The fair will become an international reference point.”

New. Projected into the future. Protagonist of change. From 18 to 22 September 2024, Wopart, the international fair about works on paper that, from the next edition, will return to Lugano (Switzerland) in a completely transformed guise.

Alberto Rusconi

The new owner is Alberto Rusconi, a well-known Italian entrepreneur who was one of the country’s biggest publishers, a great collector and art lover. “I took this step,” says Rusconi, “because, on the one hand, as a publisher, I have always been absolutely enthusiastic about art and culture on paper. On the other, because I see Lugano as a bridge between two of the most important and exciting cultural areas in Europe: Italy, and Germany. Wopart must become an international reference point, and the canton of Ticino an international art destination.

And indeed, alongside Alberto Rusconi comes Lorenzo Rudolf, who will provide advisory support to Wopart and its new sole proprietor. Deus ex machina of Art Basel, Art Basel Miami and Shanghai, impresario, and pioneer of the global art scene, Rudolf says, “Despite my projects around the world, I was happy to accept Alberto’s request, because such a strong and selfless commitment to Lugano deserves all the support. And also because I have personally experienced Lugano’s once internationally radiant art destination – let’s just remember Villa Favorita with its unique Thyssen collection, which many art lovers still eagerly recall – and, provided there is a clear vision and support from everyone on the ground, in the city’s potential. How beautiful and important it would be for Lugano (and for the whole of Ticino) if Wopart and the city became an international art reference and destination!”

Wopart, which will have the patronage of the City of Lugano and its mayor, Michele Foletti, is absolutely open to innovations and is fully aware of their necessity. With the help of Lorenzo Rudolf, it is drawing the right conclusions from the past, based on a fundamental and comprehensive analysis, and is adapting and repositioning itself for a successful future both in terms of content and commercially.

Alberto Rusconi says, “We are of the opinion that the conditions exist for a big step forward. We want to create in, for, and with Lugano an event that is internationally competitive, attractive, and unique, arouses and offers excitement, and gives a sense of participation, balance and sustainability.”


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