Why You Should Use Wall Paneling In Your Living Room

wall paneling

Wall panels for living rooms are a wonderful option for those who want to avoid painting their walls and want an easy, quick way to make a room look fresh. Wall panels are also a perfect solution for those who want to avoid the hassle and expense of painting their home walls or ceilings. Cleaning is another reason to use wall panels. These panels can be cleaned with a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and a soft furniture polish to restore their beauty as often as necessary.

These panels are light and easy to hang making them extremely useful for those who live in a home that does not have enough storage space in the walls to accommodate even one set of shelves. Wall panels are also very easy to hang on slanted or curved walls. The panels have an adjustable hanging system that will ensure that they hang straight and can be attached to the wall through holes drilled in the panel. A drill is required to make these holes, but the time it takes to drill the holes is far less than the time it takes for you to paint a room. Wooden panels are also very easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for situations where a guest bedroom is used quite often. Here are some of the core reasons why you should consider using clean wood wall paneling in your living room.

1. They Add A Visual Charm To Your Living Space: 

Wood wall panels are a very visually pleasing addition to your living room. They add visual depth, as well as contrasting grains in the wood, which will give your living space a distinctive charm. These panels also make it very easy to create distinct storage areas within your living room. In a few minutes you can install a few panels that can be turned into bookshelves, display areas or coat racks.

2. The Panels Are Relatively Easy To Install: 

Wall panels are easy to install, even for DIY newbies. These panels come with the template required to attach them to the wall. You just need to transfer this template onto your wall, mark the mounting holes and then drill these holes into the wall. You will also require a power drill, which is readily available in most hardware stores. The template will help you place the panels on your walls at precise points where they offer a clean finish that blends in with your living room space without detracting from it!

3. They Are Ideal For Offering An Additional Layer Of Insulation: 

Wall panels are a great way to insulate your home and make it more energy efficient. Because the panels come with a clean surface, you can also use them to cover up your walls and make them look neater while providing insulation. The panels will also help protect the walls from scuffing or other damage by shielding them from furniture and other home furnishing. You can use these panels to create wall hanging shelves, foldable panels that you can position anywhere within your living room, or paneled shelving.

4. Increases Durability: 

These panels are strong enough to be used as a wall decoration that will also add additional strength and durability to your living room. If you have children or pets in the house, these panels can be a great way to protect the walls from scuffing or damage. They are made of a natural, hardwood material and the edges are bookmatched allowing you to place them directly against the walls. The pine is also resistant to termites.

5. They Are Easy To Care For: 

Cleaning wall panels is easy and quick. You can do it in just a few minutes per panel with a soft cloth and furniture polish that works well on wood finishes and additions. This will allow you to keep the panels in pristine condition and ensure that they last for a very long time. The polish will help you maintain the finish and keep it looking beautiful, even as it gets older.

6. Wall Paneling Is Environmental-Friendly: 

Wall panels are an environmentally friendly option because they use a renewable, sustainable natural material. Pine wood is a natural material and it is harvested responsibly. Serious environmental concerns that have been raised against the logging industry are not applicable in cases of pine wood logs because these are not being taken from old growth forests and there is no threat of deforestation due to this industry. The panels can be recycled and will biodegrade naturally when you want to get rid of them.


When you want an easy way to decorate your home with a fresh and clean look, using wall panels can be a great choice. These panels can be used to give your living room that special charm that will make it more welcoming for friends and family. You can choose them in different colors, which means that you can match the colors with the colors in your home décor. These panels will also add visual depth to your living space, as well as contrast in the grains of the wood making them very appealing.


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