Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Product Pages

Using Video In Your Product Pages

It’s no secret that online video consumption is skyrocketing. In fact, a study from InVideo found that 96% of surveyed consumers agreed that they wanted to see more videos from businesses and brands. Another study from Cisco found that online videos will comprise 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022. So what does this mean for businesses, exactly? In short, it means that you need to prioritize using video on your website to sell.

Product pages offer plenty of potential when it comes to video selling. Even the best product images can’t tell a story like a video can, which is why video selling has become an increasingly common tactic. Whether you sell consumer products or services, you can leverage the benefits of video to close deals and make sales. Here’s what you need to know:

Humanizes Your Brand

One of the biggest benefits of using video from corporate video production singapore is that it helps to humanize your brand. Videos make it easier for people to feel like they know you. Humanizing your brand allows you to create deeper connections with your target market. It builds trust and relationships. It can also contribute to the brand image overall. For example, if you’re trying to cultivate a culture of fun and humor, you can use personality to steer public perception.

In today’s consumer landscape, brand trust is more important than ever. While it’s true that people still buy products from the companies they’re accustomed to buying from, it’s also true that the tide is shifting; more and more people are switching brands and trying new brands that align with their core values. Today, they’re much more likely to try something new from a company that has demonstrated good internal culture.

There are many ways to humanize your marketing efforts, but video is by far one of the greatest methods. Videos give your company the ability to show off not only communicate your messaging, but give a voice, face, and personality to your staff. Who are the people behind your efforts? And who better to tell your story than the people who exist within it? As you think about how you can use videos on your product pages, consider how you can humanize your business in the process.

Integrate Video Into Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy, as email is the gateway between your brand and your target consumer. Studies have shown that by adding video in your inboxes, you’re more likely to increase your open and clickthrough rate. Even adding the word “video” to your subject line can make your email more enticing.

Use video to add a deeper level of engagement to your email marketing campaigns. Video doesn’t have to be delegated to products, either. Every email drip can benefit from video. For example, you might incorporate video into your customer service inquiries. If you’re promoting blog posts, use videos as an introduction to the blog or a summary that covers its main bullet points.

Boost Your ROI

Video can provide a great return on investment. Although video production takes time, creating videos is cost-efficient, and with so many screen recording and video editing software platforms on the market, you can get started seamlessly. You don’t have to be a professional video maker to make videos that sell. The fact is, most people care more about the context and clarity of a video than its production. They want to see good product demos and receive strong and clear communication; no one expects Hollywood-esque video skills.

Convince Quicker

Believe it or not, you can accelerate your deal cycles by using video to sell. Whether you’re using video in your sales process or on your product page, you can continue the selling momentum. On the one hand, if you’re working on closing a deal, the potential client will become accustomed to seeing your face. You’ll be able to establish a rapport quicker and make it easier for the potential client to be familiarized with you.

On the other hand, videos are great for product pages because they demonstrate the product better than any block of text can. Videos can show a product in an entirely new light and provide greater insight into how something works and looks. Think about it. Anytime you’re interested in seeing a product, how often do you head over to YouTube to look at reviews or search online for recommendations? It’s difficult to “shop” online without the ability to “try” something on.


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