Why You Choose 9 to 5 Job Over Freedom: Scientifically Explained

9 to 5 job

2030, everybody quit their job. All people became influencers, launched their channels on YouTube, and never saw 9-to-5 again. 

Yeah. Most likely, it’s never about to happen. 

Today’s social media pressures us into thinking that we can do it. Whoever you are, you can get fired without fear and reach instant success online. It’s enough to work every day and work a lot – you don’t need anything else. 

Unfortunately, all these ideas come from people who’ve got no debts and financial stability; who can easily buy TikTok fans or launch expensive advertising campaigns, and so on. Not even mentioning that when it comes to success, luck plays a huge role. 

At the same time, we assure you that quitting your job is most likely a good idea. But if you cannot risk it yet, get acquainted with the main reasons why we are so unhappy with the nine-to-five to improve your life! 

The Nonsense of Stress Damage in the Stressless Environments

The daily grind is the type of work you must not be stressed about because you continuously repeat the same movements, but almost all office workers are stressed to the level of no return. 

Nine-to-five forces our brain to get overwhelmed over everything. It’s the fact that the more bored our brain is, the worse we feel

How can boredom affect us and increase the level of stress, if it means that we don’t face anything new? Here are some facts proved by neuroscience-

  • When our brain is bored, it tries to escape the wheel of routine 
  • It can experience apathy over the working process (if you procrastinate at any cost, it must be it) 
  • Work actually can degrade us and decrease our cognitive function 

Concluding, 9-to-5 makes us lose IQ points. It was done with purpose by corporates who didn’t want diversity. They wanted people to make the same moves and work for them for decades without ambition to become managers. 

No fun, we know. But there are some moves that can save you from the “wheel” of untreatable boredom!

Practical Advises Against Chores Your Boss Might Not Like  

If you feel like your job is not sustainable with your happiness or lifetime goals anymore, the best lifehack to follow is to save as much money as you can and quit. We are sure that it’s not the advice you wanted to hear at the end of this article, but sometimes, we just overgrow the place we work in. 

Even if the change feels scary and not possible, it may be the right step for you. 

But if you’re still giving the shot to your job, here are some ideas to brainstorm and consider-

  • Be social. Meet new people inside your company’s ecosystem, make friends, and negotiate new options for you
  • Be everywhere. While some may dislike you, you are bored already, so here’s nothing to lose. Get to people and ask how you can be helpful. Even if it doesn’t bring new career opportunities, you will feel better about your day
  • Be creative. Change how you work by finding new formats of tables, new applications that can help you, and new visions for your job 

And in the end, don’t be tough on yourself. We all get bored. Sometimes, time is the only thing we need to make the right decision about our career.


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