Why Topicals and Creams Are a Good Option for Getting CBD

CBD Topicals and Creams

CBD topical is a term used to describe products that are applied to the outer layers of the body, such as CBD creams and patches. While CBD can be consumed and used in many forms, topicals have become a favorite amongst workout enthusiasts and those who lead active lifestyles. 

What makes CBD topicals stand out as an effective product?

How Do CBD Topicals and Creams Work?

CBD topicals work differently from most other popular CBD products and, as a result, impact the body differently.

Other popular CBD products, including edibles, capsules, and oil drops, are all ingested. As a result of how they are consumed, these products can enter the bloodstream and work their way around the body.

This is not typically the case with CBD topicals, as they are applied to the body’s outer layer. This means that they cannot circulate around the body and instead only affect the area they have been applied.

The benefit of this application method is that CBD topicals can work quickly within the area they have been applied to. The CBD also tends to be slightly more potent as it impacts a much smaller body area.

This results in CBD topicals being one of the best options when treating things like aches and pains as they can provide fast-acting relief. CBD topicals can also be helpful in treating specific ailments while leaving the rest of the body unaffected.

Top 5 Times That CBD Topicals Are the Best Option

1. Cosmetic Use

There has been a massive uptick in the number of people using CBD topicals for cosmetic reasons rather than for the cannabinoid’s traditional benefits. Hemp plants are packed with vital nutrients that the body and, importantly, the skin needs to start looking and feeling healthy.

Many cosmetic brands are adding CBD oils and extracts to their products to enhance their effects. CBD is a popular addition in moisturizers as it is known to have nourishing and hydrating effects. CBD is ubiquitous in anti-aging creams and is thought to help slow down the noticeable signs of aging. However, more research needs to be conducted on this topic. 

CBD is also being used in nail and hair care products for similar reasons. CBD hair conditioners, for example, are designed to provide intense hydration and help repair dry and damaged hair. CBD nail and hand balms also have hydrating and strengthening effects and are a great way to improve the length and appearance of nails.

2. Stiff Joints

CBD creams are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts and can help to loosen stiff joints and improve flexibility before a workout. CBD has anti-inflammatory effects allowing CBD topicals to reduce inflammation and tension in stiff and painful areas of the body.

3. Muscle Pain

One of the most frequently cited reasons for using CBD is to treat and reduce pain. CBD topicals can be great as they can be applied directly to the affected area for fast-acting relief when needed most.

CBD works by interacting with pain receptors within the body and regulating pain signals that they send out. Much like other pain remedies, the effects of CBD topicals can be felt for several hours at a time.

4. Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties found within hemp plants make topicals an effective way to reduce and, in some cases, even prevent unnecessary inflammation. Conditions like arthritis are caused by inflammation within joints causing them to become stiff and painful. CBD creams can be used to limit such inflammation and, in turn, the pain that it causes.

CBD creams can also be helpful when dealing with temporary inflammation caused by injuries and illnesses. While this inflammation is often necessary to protect the body, it can also limit and slow down recovery. CBD topicals can be used as a short-term measure to reduce such inflammation and promote a quick return to normal.

5. Skin Irritations

CBD topicals are a great option when looking to treat skin irritations and blemishes. Visit Dermavel, for the latest innovative beauty and personal care products.  The compounds found within hemp plants reduce both inflammation and redness while also limiting any pain felt within the area.

Using CBD creams to treat conditions like eczema is becoming increasingly common. CBD topicals are not only effective at treating the most common side effects of this skin condition, but they may also help to rehydrate skin and prevent further flare-ups. 

 Are CBD Topicals Always the Best Option?

While the best CBD cream can be an extremely effective way to get CBD, different solutions work for different people. CBD topicals are best when treating external issues on the body, whether aches and pains or skin irritations.

However, CBD topicals are not quite as effective when treating internal ailments such as stress, headaches, and stomach issues. In these cases, CBD products ingested like capsules and oils are much more effective as they can impact the entire body. 


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