Why to Host Your Website on Oxtrys RDP Servers?


With a compound yearly growth rate of 16.2%, the virtual private server industry, which was valued at $2.6 billion in 2018, is anticipated to expand to $8.3 billion by 2026.

Hosting on virtual private servers (VPS) is becoming more and more popular since it combines the low cost of shared servers with the high reliability of dedicated servers. The server’s operating system determines how various types of VPS hosting are. Windows and Linux are the two most often used VPS versions now on the market.

However, in order to select the best VPS, you must be aware of how it functions and the primary distinctions between Windows and Buy VPS with RDP

A virtual private server: what is it?

In order to divide physical servers into different virtual servers, a virtual private server (VPS) makes use of the capabilities of virtualization software. The virtual servers can each run their own operating system and set of apps. The main benefit of using a VPS is that it simulates operating on a dedicated server with its own OS,  RAM, storage, CPU resources, as well as other customization possibilities while being significantly less expensive than a dedicated server.

What distinguishes a Windows virtual private server from a Linux one?

When a virtual private server is hosted on a Windows computer, Windows OS is used to run the server. If you intend to use Windows programmes like Microsoft Active Server Pages or Microsoft Front Page, it is extremely helpful.

A virtual private server that runs on Windows Server is referred to as a Windows VPS. On a server running Linux OS, a Linux VPS SSD is operated similarly.

The following are the primary distinctions between Linux VPS and Windows VPS:

  • Control panel: The primary control panel for Windows VPS is Plesk, which has a user-friendly interface. For Linux VPS, cPanel & Web Host Manager (WHM) are utilized.
  • For Windows-specific platforms like  MySQL, ASP.NET, MS Access, & VB Development, Windows hosting is ideal.
  • Assistance: Microsoft provides dedicated support for Windows users, however since Linux is an open source operating system, support is solely available through community forums.
  • Utilization: Windows has a more user-friendly interface than Linux.

Even though Linux VPS hosting is expected to gain in popularity by 2026, most Windows-savvy consumers still opt for Windows VPS hosting since it has a lower learning curve.

The advantages of updating a Windows virtual private server

1. Affordable

Budgeting can be challenging, particularly if you’re creating a new website. Spending time and resources on shared hosting only to see your site exceed it might be a terrible financial decision. All of the money you attempted to save would ultimately be used to move the page to a new server.

However, splurging on a dedicated server for a website that doesn’t even require one will eventually result in exorbitant fees down the road. You can find the ideal compromise with Windows VPS hosting, which provides the necessary cost and scalability.

2. Extraordinary security

Because data and other programmes are kept on a virtual server that is totally isolated from other customers, VPS hosting often provides more protection than shared hosting.

With shared hosting, your website may also be impacted if another website on the same server as yours contracts malware or experiences a security breach of any type. On the other hand, it is far more difficult for infections to spread on a virtual hosting server because it has a distinct storage, OS, and resources.

You receive additional security features from Microsoft, such as  regular backups, intrusion monitoring, including updated firewalls, with Windows-based VPS plans.

3. More authority

Since the hosting plan is totally separate from the actual physical server it is placed on, you have more control over your VPS hosting server. Windows VPS hosting is immensely strong since it gives you the flexibility to install the software of your choice and completely configure your hosting server.


You can have the adaptability of a virtual server with the familiarity of Windows thanks to Windows VPS hosting. The finest hosting choice is a Windows virtual private server if your company has been using Windows OS and you need a reasonably priced server for your new website.


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