Why Tidal Music is Good for Artist Promotion

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Tidal is a fantastic music distribution platform. It offers a lot of inspiring and unique features for artists that can help to get their music and message seen by millions of fans around the world. As a result, a promotion on tidal means a real chance to show how talented the artist is, and therefore has plenty of benefits for them, the record labels, and even for all the people that enjoy good music.

Artists are essential to all music genres. They have a powerful influence, especially in the beginning. Tidal music can help them promote music and be paid for it and the best way tidal can do that is simply by existing. There is always this risk that when a new thing comes along, people get confused about what it is and fail to realize how useful it can be. They may instead decide to abandon older technologies.

Artists Benefits of Using Tidal

Tidal offers a platform that allows musicians to share their masterpieces with the world. However, it also gives them a chance to make some money from it. Artists can use this platform to publish their work, promote it and sell it for a fee if they want to.

The revenue that comes in through these sales is split between the artist and Tidal itself. Note, that there is no fixed fee on the revenue that comes out of these sales. The amount is decided by the artist him or herself. This system of generating revenue can prove to be very beneficial to new artists who have just begun venturing into the world of music.

Tidal offers some unique features that aren’t available on other streaming services, such as the ability to stream higher quality music formats like FLAC lossless audio and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). Tidal also has tiered membership levels for musicians and celebrities that are more expensive than the regular subscription fee (the website doesn’t say how much more they cost).

Tidal has a unique editorial feature called Tidal Rising, where artists get their music heard by fans first, rather than waiting for radio play or record promotion. Tidal also helps artists connect with fans at a deeper level, with in-depth artist bios, stories, and interviews, available exclusively on Tidal.

As an artist, you can make your own exclusive content available on Tidal while waiting for your main release. This gives you a chance to grow your fan base before the big launch, by letting them hear songs or watch videos that aren’t available anywhere else.


Tidal music is a music streaming service with the main idea of promoting artists, not just a passive way of listening to songs. The popularity of this music platform is only increasing because people now realize that it’s aimed at promoting independent artists, giving them another chance to get their name out there for the public to enjoy. Tidal has something that other services don’t, which is exclusives. When you purchase a Tidal subscription, you get access to albums and tracks before they are released on any other service.


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