Why Social Media Engagement is so Important For Your Small Business

Social Media

With the average person spending hours on sites like Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, it is important to understand the role of social media in your marketing campaign. Not only can it help you boost your sales by attracting new customers, but it can also allow you to grow your brand presence and interact with your customers. Here is why social media engagement is so important for your small business.

Helps You understand What Your Customers Want

Social media can help you to understand the needs of your customers in a way that no marketing survey can. This is because you can see on a daily basis what your customers are interacting with, and what is important to them.

By using things like an audience insights tool, you can easily see where your customers go on social media and what types of subject they interact with. This can give you valuable data on how you can then tailor your posts to get them seen by your customers.

It Allows You to Show Your Business Mission

More than ever, customers are becoming more interested in the values and mission of a company just as much as the products they sell. This can include a company’s recycling goals, their use of chemicals, or their carbon footprint. This is why so many companies are now adding these goals to their packaging.

With social media, you can show your customers what is important to you and your company, and how you are planning to implement environmental aspects to your business. Many customers will go to a brand’s social media first to check them out before they make a purchase.

Improved Customer Service Interactions

Because social media is a fast and interactive space, many people will take to Twitter or other platforms to talk about their experiences. As a company, this can be both good and bad for your brand, so it is important that you are monitoring your brand on social media and answering queries or complaints in a timely manner.

Research suggests that a company who replies to a customer on social media quickly will see an improvement in that customer’s advocacy. Social media is now one of the primary ways customers reach brands, so you need to focus on this aspect of your marketing strategy and customer service.

Get Real-Time Data About New Products and Services

Social media is a great source of demographic data, plus, it also allows you to see in real-time, how people are reacting to your new products and services. If you are planning to release a new product, teasing its launch on social media will create an anticipation that you can see and interact with. You can share customers’ comments and questions on your website and other marketing material.


As a brand, you need to be aware of the power that social media has on customers and how much it can help you grow your small business. With time and a little effort, you can grow a loyal and interactive follower base.

This article was originally published on 24 April 2023.


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