Why Prefer Using Instagram over Other Social Media Platforms?

Instagram app

Every social media platform is powerful and has several benefits. However, Instagram is possibly the most used social media app, and several reasons contribute to the same. With the ever-decreasing average attention span of people, visual content is more effective than long-form text.

Visual content such as pictures and videos helps convey more information in a shorter period and keeps the audience engaged. Moreover, a survey found that 6 out of 10 people respond to visual content more than text. Since Instagram is predominantly a visual platform, marketers use it to deliver what the audience wants.

To keep the engagement of your account up, you need a high amount of likes and followers, and you can buy followers from some of the best sites like Socialpros listed in the article. Once you hit 10k followers on Instagram, the platform releases several features for you, like the “Swipe Up” option on stories. The feature could be used to redirect your followers to your website, profile on other social media platforms, Instagram posts, affiliate brand websites, or any external/internal link. This is a great way to earn through affiliate marketing or earn brand deals. Hence, you should always aim to get 10k followers at the very least.

Aside from the importance of visual content, Instagram holds a lot of potential for businesses, freelancers, bloggers, and aspiring influencers. To help you understand the potential Instagram holds, let us look at some statistics:-

  • The platform has over 1 million active users monthly.
  • 31 out of every 100 active social media users access Instagram on a daily basis.
  • Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users making it the second most used social media platform after Facebook.
  • As for the United States of America, around 62.1% and 85.4% of the population log on to Instagram on a daily and monthly basis, respectively.

Instagram is an absolute necessity for your business because it has a worldwide user base.

  • Build Trust and Reputation 

With the importance of search engines and social media in our lives, people conduct extensive online research before buying any product/service. If you have a strong social media presence, people are bound to find your business more trustable. Around 9 out of 10 people buy services/products from brands they follow on social media.

If a user does not find your social media profile, they could refer to your competitors’ accounts and buy their services. Once you have a good amount of social media following and likes on your posts, people start viewing you as an established and transparent business. Thus, Instagram helps you build trust and reputation among your customers.

  • Easy to Share Customer Content 

The legitimacy of a business is determined by customer reviews or ratings and Instagram comments that leave feedback. The platform makes it easier to share customer-generated content with your audience. For example, you are a fashion brand and your users send you pictures in your outfits as feedback. 

You could either repost these pictures from their Instagram account, or you can directly post these on your feed and tag them. This helps you show your audience that your business is legitimate and also motivates other customers to share genuine feedback with you.

  • Easier Way to Sell Products/Services

Instagram’s new update lets businesses tag their products along with the prices. Users can click on these product tags and will be directly redirected to the checkout. Previously, Instagram used to redirect them to the brands’ site, making the process lengthier and hectic. Since users can now make direct purchases from the Instagram app, the process is seamless, quicker, and ensures that customers complete the payment successfully.

Moreover, Instagram Ads are a better investment and offer more returns than ads on other social media platforms. Unlike Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads can be highly targeted to reach your potential customers and audience. This means that there is a greater possibility that the ad viewer on Instagram will follow your account compared to the viewer of Facebook Ads.

  • Increase Engagement and Social Media Presence 

Statistics suggest that the engagement rate of Instagram is ten times higher than that of Facebook, which shows that it is better to invest in Instagram. If you can keep the audience engaged, Instagram will boost your account because they want users to stay on the app. To help you do so, Instagram has several features such as polls, contests, and Q&A stickers on their stories. You can leverage these features to keep switching up your content and keep it exciting. You can also use a private instagram viewer to spy on your competitors and see what they are doing with their IG account.
  • Bring in Website Traffic 

Just as we discussed before, having 10k followers on Instagram is a milestone as it lets you put the “Swipe Up” feature on your story. You can use this feature to post content on your Instagram stories and drive them to your website. Don’t have 10k Instagram followers yet? Well, you can always buy Instagram views like you buy Instagram likes, or you could put your website link in your bio and put CTAs such as “Register for the event from the link in our bio.” Lastly, you can try to buy Instagram reels views on this website.

Now that you understand the importance and potential Instagram holds, it is time to decide on your content strategy to produce engaging and informational content. Remember that you can buy real Instagram likes, but the constant engagement comes from organic traffic.


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