Why Office Cleaning Is Essential to Protect Staff During COVID


When COVID became a reality in our everyday lives, it felt easy to despair that life and the workplace would never be the same again, especially as transmission can happen so easily. Some ways to prevent this have been to keep public spaces extra clean, respect barrier gestures, and keep hands sanitised. But how is that achievable in a workspace, where perhaps employees are close together for entire days?

Once again, office cleanliness is key and by keeping the workplace clean, the risk is reduced, which will protect staff and visitors from harm. Office cleaning services will ensure you provide a safe workplace and can continue business as usual. 

Regular Cleaning to Consider

What has been considered acceptable office cleaning practises in the past are now not sufficient in COVID times with cleaning needing to be taken up several notches to be close to the standards now required. There needs to be a particular focus on high-traffic touchpoints including:

• Desk and workstation surfaces.

• Door handles or buttons, windows and frames particularly if they are opened and closed for ventilation.

• Elevators, escalators and stair rails.

• High use areas including toilets, the reception area, and kitchen or tea room facilities.

• Computers, keyboards, and phones.

• Shared equipment like printers, photocopiers, and fax machines.

How Deep Cleaning Fits In

Office deep cleaning is a more intensive cleaning regime usually conducted by an external company that specialises in office space cleaning services and sanitisation. It usually includes cleaning areas or objects often passed by with regular office cleaning and may include carpets and walls. Sanitisation spray or aerosols can also be deployed after a deep clean to ensure a clean space and elimination of any potential virus droplets left. 

Regular deep cleaning will leave your space fresh, clean and provide peace of mind to everyone who comes in and out of the space. Ensuring you hire experienced cleaners who only use suitable detergents, cleaning equipment and industrial solutions, means they will get it right the first time every time. 

Keep On Top in the Interim

Although deep cleaning is an essential element to keeping a workplace clean and COVID-free, it’s essential to maintain its efficacy with regular office cleaning to keep on top of cleanliness, as mentioned above. This regular cleaning may be carried out once or twice a day, alongside providing facilities for staff and visitors to regularly clean and sanitise their desk or workstation as it makes them feel safe and calm during their workday.

Work With Us

With everything involved when keeping a workplace COVID safe alongside getting on with the business of a regular day job, this is another detail that can easily overwhelm. Why not call us and see how we can relieve any stress you may feel? By working with us you will get experienced cleaners for your space and best of all, our team provides a range of services tailored to you to keep your office COVID free. Reach out to Cleaning Express Services to discuss your requirements. 


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