Why is Mobile Gaming so Popular in Asia?

Mobile gaming has changed the way entertainment and gaming have been since their inception in the 1970s. Thanks to the rapid technological breakthrough, online casinos like Bons Casino offer more and more convenient conditions for mobile gambling! Owing to the invention of the internet and incessant technological innovation with the introduction of fast-speed internet connections, cheaper mobile phones, cloud– all these contribute to this multi-billion industry that has the box office and music industry shaking on its knees when it comes to audience share in entertainment.

Europeanbusinessreview.com has identified the most remarkable milestones of the industry that has led it to its success today. Likewise, these foundational elements and innovative leaps will sustain its growth in the far future.

According to the site, although online gaming has been available since the 1970s, it was not until 1990 – during the invention of the internet- that it really made its indelible mark in human history. This was closely followed by the availability of a crowd-sourced reviews and feedback site curated by Stream that served as a go-to source for starters and enthusiasts in the gaming universe. A year after, in 2004, the World of Warcraft took the gaming universe by storm with 10 million active subscriptions. They share the hall of fame with Minecraft and Pokemon Go released in 2009 and 2016 respectively, which both proudly have millions of players under their belt. The introduction of In-App purchases made available by Apple in 2009 was a groundbreaking development in the industry. Apple can be said to have paved the way for the migration of players from computer and console to mobile in 2007, and by 2015, mobile gaming has reached new heights with 1.5 active players around the globe. The recent introduction of cloud-sharing playing by Google is another notable innovation that surely will draw more players.

Relentless technological innovation is a cornerstone of the industry. The growing popularity of and availability of cheaper gadgets and internet services is the lifeblood of mobile gaming. Virtual reality, the internet-of-things and others, guarantee that it will remain a lucrative industry. All these combined with the mobile adaptations of crowd favorites such as Pokemon and Harry Potter contribute to the segment’s growth. Creators and mobile developers are driving forces for the growth of the market that can attract old and new users alike and fandom-based communities that guarantees adaptations market. Likewise, the mobile versions of Fortnite and the like impact the market on their accord.

The popularity of mobile gaming is most evident in Asia. Data from Statista show that the combined shared market and revenues generated from China and the rest of Asia eclipse those generated by the US. The Asia-Pacific market including China accounts for around USD 72.2B of the global market, equivalent to almost half of the segment’s total market share. Consequently, the US market is at USD 36.9B or 24% of the global market share.

Statista projects that revenues from the mobile gaming segment alone will reach around USD 68.157M in 2021. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2021-2025 is placed at 9.97% resulting in a projected market volume of USD 99.67M by 2025. They have pegged that with the ever-growing market share of the mobile gaming segment, the average revenue contribution per user will be at USD65.93 with the biggest population coming from China that, at present, contribute to 24% of the global market share.

So why is mobile gaming so popular in Asia?

This question has been approached both from a quantitative method and a subjective one. The former refers to the demographics of the mobile gamers in Asia and the latter can serve to give more insight into what the statistics could mean for actual gamers.

D-addicts.com have identified the top reasons why Asians are drawn– eyes and fingers glued to mobile screens. Top on their list is the segment’s so-called “mood-altering effects.” Mobile gamers have admitted that mobile gaming is a way to escape, albeit temporarily, the hard and harsh offensives of reality. Whether it is trying to take your mind off of traffic congestion, or re-energize from stressful work, studying– or life in general, even medical experts agree that to a certain extent, mobile gaming can prove to give users a much needed serotonin boost.

The versatility and availability of the platform gravitates players from diverse demographics. Whether you’re into multi-player online games or single player games or real money games such as baccarat, slots online (สล็อตออนไลน์) other game in casino online.

The best thing is that these games have been designed to be compatible with all types of devices. So whether you feel like playing on your PC, or on your mobile or would like to play on console, game developers ensure that you can play across different platforms so that mobile gaming can be available to you, wherever you go, when the itch kicks in, or just when you want to pass the time.

Mobility and connectivity. Since gaming has been made available on mobile, not only does it allow you to play whenever and wherever but it also allows users to connect with in-real-life friends and families, or just when you want to brag about your level-up or that campaign victory through social media platforms. This is a feature that effectively captures the Asian market who are heavy social media platform users.

Lastly, affordability. The advent of cheaper and more advanced technology – thanks to China – have made an effort to bridge the economic gap between and among gamers. The difference between consoles, PC and mobile, is astounding, but the gaming experience, mobile gamers will argue, is just as rewarding.

The adaptation of popular games and the creation of new ones debuting on this segment,  captures the Asian mobile user demographic, where, for instance, in the Philippines, 78.6% of all gamers prefer to play on mobile, according to GMO survey. In the same study, Asians spend at least 30 minutes to 2 hours a week on mobile games. Chinese mobile gamers are on a league of their own, spending 3 to 9 hours on mobile gaming in a week.

Mobile gaming in Asia is at its full speed. It is a promising industry that is driven by technological advances and innovation, consequential to and perhaps essential to human development. At least until 2025, the market revenue generation is beaming with optimism. For as long as developers and creators bank on these projections and for as long as they adapt to the needs, wants, and desires of a versatile and diverse demographic, they will continue to sell and most probably, outsell themselves.

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