Why Hormone Balance is Vital for Healthy Diet Amongst Women 


Just like fashion & technology advancement, health advancement also makes a major difference in our lives. Especially women above 35 face an imbalance of hormones which affects their diet cycle. Hormone balance is crucial to keep everything functioning adequately. During menstruation, females go through a severe change in hormones, and sometimes the hormones impact the quality of life, which end up with acute tiredness, frequent mood swings, depression, etc. Here, we will be discussing unbalanced hormones and how they affect the diet cycle of women. 

How to Know if Hormones are Imbalanced

Generally, when women have periods or suffer from heavy yet painful periods, then the hormones change immensely. Symptoms like headache and fatigue are very common. If these symptoms are consistent, then it’s essential to have hormone balance therapy. 

How Hormones Work in Body

Generally, females have over 200 hormones in the body, such as testosterone, cortisol, insulin, leptin, and many more. These are the most common hormones and are highly linked to fertility, mood, and metabolism. 


Insulin is one of the pivotal hormones released from the pancreas after one eats and takes sugar. This hormone is responsible for preserving extra sugar as fat in the body. 

The second important hormone is leptin which is released from fat cells. This hormone controls the appetite and also maintains weight.

Ghrelin is again an important hormone that is responsible for stimulating appetite and is also called the hunger hormone.

Thyroid hormones control temperature, weight, energy, growth of hair, skin & nails 

Reproductive System

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that changes during puberty. Plus, the hormone regulates the menstrual cycle, keeps the pregnancy in control, and cholesterol too. The hormone is also popular to maintain the bones strong. 

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that also changes during puberty and boosts the sex drive. Even hormones are helpful to increase bone density and muscle strength. 

Stress and Mood

Cortisol is released in times of stress. The hormone is responsible for increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Of course, it’s not a good hormone for health and is often referred to as the stress hormone.

Adrenaline hormone is also released in times of stress and boosts the heart rate.

Melatonin hormone is released at night. The hormone prepares the body for sleep; that’s why it is called a sleep-inducing hormone.

How It Affects the Diet Cycle

Inadequate hormones in the body are always a great threat. As mentioned above, it affects the overall function of the body, which includes the diet cycle. Some may eat less or some more which is surely not good for health. Every person has a different metabolism rate; however, a nutritious diet at the right time is a key to good health. So, it’s vital to have balanced hormones. Are you wondering how to balance hormones? Consult a nutritionist or a professional who is certified and has full knowledge about hormonal balance. The right decision at the right time will help you to live a longer life, so ensure to talk to experts. 

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