Why Does the Cost of Living Keep Rising?

According to recent news reports, the cost of living is on the rise all over the United States, including in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

While this popular city does have a slightly lower cost of living than the rest of the United States and than some parts of Oklahoma, the costs keep on rising. And, if you’re like most people, you may find yourself wondering why. 

While there is never one clear reason that the cost of living increases, there are usually many factors that contribute to an increased cost of living, which is the case in Tulsa and the rest of the US right now.


Simple Inflation

Inflation, which is the rise in prices, has been a constant throughout most of the United States’ history. Prices rise over time. It’s just what they do.

The problem comes in, however, when pay rates do not also rise. If prices are increasing at a faster rate than the regular income in a given area, this can prove problematic for the people who live in that area.

Of course, this situation and how it affects you, if it does at all, varies somewhat based on where you live and the line of work you’re in. If your personal pay is rising right along with the cost of living, then you’re okay. If your pay is staying the same or getting lower, however, then you are probably going to have trouble meeting the increased cost of living for your area.


High Oil Prices

Oil has always been a precious commodity, one that, unfortunately, the United States is known for overusing and some would even say abusing.

Due to the high demand for oil and the increasing scarcity of it, it’s no surprise that oil prices would be on the rise in the United States. And, while you might not think this affects you, it does.

Oil is used to ship and transport almost everything these days. That includes the food you buy at the grocery store and the gifts and other items you shop for online. Since all of these items are reliant on oil, their prices have to rise as oil prices do, which makes the overall cost of living increase.


Increased Taxes

Some groups have seen an increase in the amount of taxes that they are required to pay in recent years. High taxes, just like high oil prices, affect everyone.

Employers who have higher taxes have to take measures like paying their employees less to make up the difference or raising their prices for goods or services. Sometimes, employers may even have to do both, which affects a wider range of people and contributes to a higher cost of living.

Even when a person is not subjected to higher taxes, someone else is. And, when taxation gets out of balance, as it often does, the cost of living often rises.

In all of these ways and so many more, people are having to pay more and more just to live and survive. If you are suffering due to inflation or any other factors, don’t panic. While you will likely need to find a long-term solution, like earning more money or moving to a new home or area, to help you deal with the increasing cost of living, short-term solutions, such as title loans are viable and available in the meantime. Hopefully, one day, the cost of living will be affordable or at least reasonable for everyone, but if or until that happens, we all just have to get by the best way we can.

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