Why Do You Need Secure POS Mounting Solutions for Retail Environments?

A point of sale is an important place in a retail environment. It is a place where the customers make payment for the goods and services purchased. The POS stand allows you to place the Point of sale solutions like tablets, monitors, and signature devices at visible places convenient for customers to reach them.

The Point of sale stand also secures the POS solution and enhances the décor of the place. Here we have discussed why you might need secure POS mounting solutions for retail environments.

Save Valuable Space

In retail environments, the selling space is premium, and you need to do everything possible to save some. You can use the POS stand to install the pos solution on the reception desk’s wall or corner, thereby freeing the counter. Use the counter space to display brochures or showcase impulse buy items, or display store updates and policies.

Adjust Monitor Height

You should install the pos solution in a position that allows customers to access pos solutions comfortably. If the monitor/POS solution is installed at a lower position, it can cause neck or back strain. The Point of sale stand allows you to adjust the monitor height to access/view the monitor without bending the neck or body.

If the POS is salesperson facing, the device height can be adjusted as per sale associate height. It will ensure the staff is comfortable while performing his/her duties, which will lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Prevent Screen Glare

The retail environment has bright lighting all over the place, and the intensity of the light changes during the day. During the day, the retail environment may need less lighting, and in the evening, the whole environment is lit up with a variety of lights.

If the POS is fixed on a table, the sales associate would have to bear the screen glare due to the light’s intensity that would cause strain to the eyes. When the Point of sale is fixed on a stand, you can adjust the screen’s angle to reduce the glare on the screen. The Point of sale stand allows you to swivel or tilt the screen at any angle as needed. It also helps keep the screen position ergonomic.

Better Cable Management

Point of sale devices, need Internet connectivity and a power supply for functioning. It has some difficult connections. Without a POS mount, the cables of the Point of sale device would be hanging in the air that would spoil the décor and make the place look shabby and unprofessional. When the cables are exposed, there is also the risk of accidental disconnection and increased wear and tear.

The POS mounts come with cable enclosures that hide the cables connecting the Point of sale screen or devices. When the wires are enclosed securely, the risk of accidental disconnection is eliminated. Also, these cable enclosures protect the cables from excessive wear and tear.

Reduce Clutter and Enhance Store Image

We all like well-organized shops. If the retail establishment has clutter around the Point of sales, it creates a bad image, and most customers will not be happy and use the cluttered POS interface. The POS mounts reduce clutter in different ways. For example, it allows you to fit two monitors on the stand facing in opposite directions.

With POS mounts, all wire clutter is hidden inside the frames, and there are no exposed wires. The Point of sales looks clean, organized, and professional, which customers like. The POS mounts create a professional image, which also enhances the overall store image.

Prevent Accidents and Improve Security

If the Point of sales monitor is traditionally kept on the table, there is a risk of the monitor’s wires tangling, and there is a risk of accidental falls. Such incidents can hurt your customers, create chaos in the retail environment, and damage expensive equipment.

When the POS monitors or tablets are kept at Point of Sale terminals without any locks, there is a risk of device theft. The POS mounts have a locking system that allows only authorized persons to unlock the device and remove it.

In simple words, the pos mounts secure the Point of sale devices and protect them from accidental fall and damage. It also prevents monitors from tipping over while the sales associate is working or the customer is interacting with the device.

To sum up, the POS is a vital terminal in a retail environment where the checkout happens, orders are processed, and bills are paid. The POS stand works to make these terminals more efficient and safe for sales associates and customers.


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