Why Dating Escorts Is Very Popular In Singapore For Businessmen


Which country do you think of when you see the words Asia, business, dating and escorts? Singapore. Singapore is renowned as a great country to do business in due to its tax and business friendly laws. As a result, many wealthy entrepreneurs & investors have made Singapore their home over the years. Even more constantly travel to Singapore. Because of the very many wealthy locals & business tourists to Singapore, naturally that makes local Singapore escort girls to be in very high demand too. These rich guys want a hot & eloquent lady next to them as their companion and social escort in Singapore.

Here are some reasons why the women in Singapore are so desirable.

Singaporean Girls Are English Speaking

Singapore is one of the few places in the entire Asia to be an English-speaking country. This makes traveling to Singapore and dating and meeting girls locally in Singapore to be very convenient for tourists from America as well as from European countries. Unlike that of many neighboring countries in Asia where many locals do not speak English, you will not bump into language barriers problems in Singapore when it comes to dating the local Singaporean girls – whether organically via a dating app like Tinder or perhaps even if you meet an escort girl in SG. The local Singaporean girls are all eloquent in English language.

SG Girls Are No Bimbos

Since Singapore has always been a global business hub in all of modern history, the local Singapore girls or escorts are also able to hold conversations well with business executives all the time. In fact, many of the local female escorts you can find in Singapore are business professionals at their day jobs. Almost none of them are full time escorts, but are in fact full time business executives at their day job and part time escorts during their free time. The local SG girls are not pretty bimbos, but are pretty and intelligent. This makes their looks and personality both very attractive. This combination is quite difficult to find in all other Asian countries in the region.

One of the concerns by many business executives from Europe and America who travel to Singapore and want to meet a social escort in Singapore is that it would be embarrassing to bring the girl around if they happen to bump into their colleagues. It can be a little awkward to explain if the girl clearly talks, looks and behaves like an escort. However, because local Singaporean escorts are all English speaking and can engage in business talk, it will not be embarrassing for you because they appear exactly like how a local friend would sound like.

Girls In Singapore Are Well-Dressed

Wealthy business executives want to date an escort girl who dresses like a million dollars. Think Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. He definitely wanted his escort to look like she could be his real girlfriend, and match his status. Thankfully for you, as a successful business executive, if you are looking to dating escorts in Singapore, you will be pleased to know that the locals in SG are all well-dressed as the entire country is essentially an ultra-urban city-state. You will not need to be concerned about being embarrassed even if your fellow business executives see the lady around you. There is no need to be concerned about the ladies dressing too sexily nor too conservatively. An overwhelming majority of them are elegantly dressed.

Most Paid Companions Are Well Experienced

If you choose to have a temporary companion while you are in Singapore for your business trip, rest assured that these social escorts are usually accustomed to having other very wealthy clients before too, so they would know to be discreet as well as how to entertain you. This is because SG is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in, and almost every other client or tourist in fact who visits Singapore is relatively well-to-do, so these paid companions would have lots of prior experience.

In a nutshell, Singapore is a hot place not just for business and investments, but also for meeting girls! It is therefore no wonder why it remains one of the most popular locations in Asia for tourists and expatriates alike!

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