Why Cyber Security is the King of All Careers

cyber security

Have you ever heard of information security? Well if you haven’t, then after reading this article you would be mesmerized with it so much that you’ll end up telling your friends about it. We don’t mean to brag but information security is truly the king of modern careers. If we talk about the things that people look for in their career today, then factors like job security, salary, work fulfillment and such will lead the discussion. It’s hard, if not impossible to find all these factors in a single profession. But, with cyber security this is an everyday reality. Read below to find out what it is that makes information security offer the best of all worlds.

Before we start, let us quickly explain what this profession is about. Cyber security is about securing digital systems and assets from harm inflicted by malicious hackers and unfortunate cyber incidents. This can take the form of network defense, ethical hacking, incident handling, cloud security, web application testing, malware analysis and even forensic investigation. Now that you know what security professionals do, let’s find out why their jobs are one of the most promising in the world.

  • Most people don’t know that cyber security professionals are actually one of the highest paid professionals in the information technology field. Even if you compare it with other professions, you will find that an entry-level cyber security professional makes more than a mid-level professional in most other careers. The CEH salary is $90,000 on average.
  • It’s very common today for people to want their jobs to give them enough opportunity to travel and explore the world. You don’t get that in many professions because they end up limiting you to a particular area. Well, information security is actually the opposite in this case. If you learn ethical hacking online or any other cyber security course, then your certifications will actually be valid in almost every country of the world, opening up opportunities for you to work abroad easily.
  • Are you aware of the fact that cyber security has 0% unemployment rate? Did you also know that currently we have 3.5 million cyber security jobs that are unfilled because of the massive talent gap? In times of uncertainty where the nation’s economic condition can affect your job stability and can seriously hamper the growth of your job market, cyber security provides you the ultimate, unbreakable employment security you can ask for. It doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know how important it is for organizations to keep their digital system secure from the dangerous cyber attacks that never tend to stop.
  • Another insane benefit of this profession is that it has an amazingly wide application. If you become a cyber security expert, you can get a job in any industry of your choice. A lot of people want to work in the government sector, and guess what, information security professionals are needed by almost every government sector that uses digital resources to conduct their operations because the government sector is one of the biggest victims of cyber terrorism and cyber espionage.
  • At the end, everyone wants to be happy with what they do. The job fulfillment in this profession is beyond what most people expect. Whether it is adventure, challenges or satisfaction, cyber security professionals get the whole package from their work. They don’t just get to work with the latest and the most advanced technologies of the world, but they also get to enjoy the thrill of discovering security flaws, finding forensic evidence and protecting our digital ecosystem from threats. At the end of the day, whatever branch they are related to, they know that they are making a real difference in people’s lives.


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