Why Choosing an Inverter with Battery is a Smart Move?

Choosing an Inverter with Battery is a Smart Move

Power backup solutions in India are generally referred to as power inverters or inverters. In building the right power backup solution, selecting a right inverter with battery is Important.

If you are thinking of purchasing an inverter and battery for a home, a few questions must have popped into your mind, like –

Do you need to buy both an inverter and a battery of same brand?

How do you assess which inverter to purchase or what battery specification to go for?

You can take assistance from your friends and family to decide which brand to purchase.They will recommend that you buy the most famous brands advertised on TV. But that doesn’t mean they’re the best brands to go for or the best inverter models that will suit your needs.

Role of Inverter and Battery

In our home, appliances need AC (Alternating Current) to run. If the AC supply is not avaliable at the time of power cuts, and you need an alternative power backup source to operate your appliances.

Buying an Inverter battery for a long hours of a power cut is the best alternative.

Since batteries stores electricity in the form of DC (Direct Current), while our appliances run on AC (Alternate current). That is where an inverter is required. An inverter operates between the battery and appliances, and transforms the battery’s DC power into an AC output for the applainces which works as a power backup during a power cut.

Here a few things that you must keep in mind before selecting an inverter battery combo:

1. First Calculate Your Power Requirement

The first thing is to determine the number of devices you want to run through the alternative backup power source. The general power consumption (In watts) of common appliances is described in the table below.

Calculating Power Requirement

Say you want three fans, three tube lights, three CFL lights, two LED lights, and one TV to help you. (3 multiplied by 80) + (3 multiplied by 40) + (3 multiplied by 20) + (2 multiplied by 7) + 120) = [634 watts] is the total power requirement. It would help if you had an inverter with battery capable of running 554 watts loads.

2. Inverter Capacity Calculator

The power of an inverter is directly proportional to the total load you choose to support. The exact formula, divided by the power factor, is the total load to be assisted. For house hold load the value of PF is around 0.7. Therefore, 554/0.7 = 791 VA. It is always advised to take the inverter with slightly higher VA as buying an inverter is a one time investment for a long period of time and load may increase in coming years. Therefore it is ideal to buy 9000VA inverter in the above scenario.

What is Inverter VA & Battery AH

The power of the inverter is measured in VA, and the battery capacity in AH is measured. People are curious why two capacity exist? What is each capacity’s purpose?

Consider this analogy –

You use a bucket attached to a rope to pull water from the well. It is possible to equate the water in the well with the battery capacity, while the bucket size is the inverter’s capacity. You can see how total energy is in the battery capacity and how many you can serve with the inverter capacity.

So, the battery size and inverter capacity should be properly balanced. You cannot support a refrigerator or a few fans if you buy a high-capacity battery and a low-capacity inverter (example: 600 VA) since their total load exceeds 600 VA.

Battery AH determines the back up time required to run the load. If the user wants a 3 hours backup a simple formula to calculatr battery capacity is (total load * back up time)/ 12V. Therefore, in our example (554*3)/12 = 138.5 AH. The closest battery which you can purchase is 150 AH in this case.

Buy a Battery Inverter Combo

Therefore, in our example 900 VA inverter and 150 Ah battery is the ideal choice.

If you are a first-time buyer, prefer buying an inverter with a battery. Also, it is advised to buy inverter and battery of the same manufacturer to avoid service hassles later. It is because both inverter and battery are co-dependent on each other for providing power backup. There are reputable and trusted brands like Luminous that offers a wide range of inverters and inverter batteries. Explore their website today and get the best inverter and battery for your home.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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