Why Branding Matters in Effective Packaging Design

Effective Packaging Design

When your business, or we should say brand, revolves around consumer product goods, your competition never ends.


You know that quite well. 

Constantly you are trying to beat your competitors. Thus, you are analysing your target market and coming up with innovative ad campaigns which develop emotional responses in your customers. 

Now comes the main question- 

‘Have you ever thought on how your package designs are influencing your target and also the types of impressions they are making about your brand?’


Then, it is high time that you start thinking about it when you are thinking about branding your business. You should start by asking some basic questions:  

  • What are the ways that your package designs can help you to grow as a company?
  • Where can you get the solutions to design branding? 

We are saying all these because 70% of consumers (according to brand designers) agree that packaging influences their buying decisions directly. 

After hearing the number, you might think of getting your hands into package designing; you have two options for the next step. You either can do it all by yourself, or you can consider a branding agency, which offers package designing as one of their services.  

When you are operating a CPG business, you already have a ton of things to take care of. Also, you need to consider the marketing part. Along with that, taking up the task of package designing is a lot of responsibility.  

So, we will recommend you to go with the best “A” class branding agency. 

Why Branding Matters in Effective Packaging Design – Reasons

We understand your concern. 

Product designing requires a huge amount of investment. Plus, if you are going to opt for a branding design agency like smashbrand.com or third party to handle your product designing tasks, you need to pay them well to get the quality work done, which will enhance your business performance.

It is completely fine to feel hesitant. That is why we are here to clear your doubts. Here, we will talk about why package design is effective in branding your business. 

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons.

Reason No. 1: Great Packaging Reinforces Your Brand

For CPG design, the most important element is to make sure that you are continuously reinforcing your brand. That should be done through your business cards, websites, and of course, product packaging.  

The more often your targeted market comes into contact with all the elements, such as your company colours, logo, and slogan, the faster your potential customers will be able to recognize your brand.  

For recognizing and also remembering your brand, a customer requires at least 5 to 7 impressions. That is why your need to keep your branding consistent across both the physical and digital assets. This is where product design comes into action. 

Reason No. 2: Packaging Is Protecting Your Products

Some particular package trends, such as sustainability, vintage/retro style branding design, along with minimum packaging designs, are some excellent ways to get your products noticed. 

Here, you also need to remember something, and that is, now, your customers can easily write a review on social media or any other online platform. Therefore the protective and quality packaging matters now.  

No one is going to bat an eye at how perfect your last campaign was or how cute and attractive your packaging looks; if it can not protect your products during the delivery, at least from store to home, it is of no use. 

Reason No. 3: Help You Stand Out On Social Media

We are living in the age of social media. So, whether you like it or not, you need to consider it for your branding. In case you are a little active on different social media platforms, you might have seen a lot of product hauls and unboxing videos.  

Now, tell us.  

Haven’t they left any impression on you?  

Of course, they have.  

During those videos, companies get the opportunity to showcase their brand with visuals. And that includes product packaging for sure. So, you see, product packaging is just as important as the product itself.  

Here, you need to ensure that you are alleging your package design with the product. This will help you in getting more followers and eventually sales. 

Reason No. 4: Reflects Product Quality

Do you know what the direct reflection of the products you are selling is? 

The packaging it comes in.  

The packaging actually helps your customers to make an association about the kind of experience they are going to get. For example, if a product comes in a package with sleek black-and-white photographs, it can develop a sense of luxury.  

It may sound silly at first, but it is true that your customers look at your packaging design along with the elements as a reflection of the success of your company.  

Suppose you are using cheap or flimsy packaging materials; your customers are never going to consider you a leader in your industry. 

Reason No. 5: Connects Emotionally With Your Target Market

Colour psychology! 

It is a real thing. So, it will be best if you do not neglect it at the time of packaging design. Colour can actually create an emotional response quite easily in your target market.  

For example, red can develop a sense of urgency and energy; that’s what is considered best for foods and fitness supplements. Greens and blues remind customers of nature, which is considered the best for eco-friendly makeup products. 

Apart from colours, some specific fonts and central images on your product packaging will also make it simpler and easier for your target market to identify your brand. It’s a type of emotional connection. 

Packaging Design Matters In Branding

While ending this discussion, we, as one of the top brand designers, want to say that more than 34% of impulse buys always take place as a result of packaging design alone. So, you see, packaging design actually helps you to earn more. 

Now, the decision is all yours, whether you want to go with branding design and packaging design or not. 


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