Why Are Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Failing?

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You’ve set up a new business and you decide to get new leads from paid campaigns. So you explore the internet and the best solution you find to this problem is Facebook Ads. 

After hours of researching and setting up Facebook ad campaigns, you get zero results and you have no idea where did you fuck up. You did the same things as suggested by that blogger or that Youtuber. And now you’re wondering how those guys got so positive responses and you’re not even getting a single result after burning all that cash. And you might be thinking that Facebook marketing is difficult. 

Let me tell you, it isn’t. You just need to know some basic kinds of stuff & optimizations and it can do you wonders. 

Here are 4 common mistakes that people often make when setting up a campaign that results in failure. 

1. Targetting the wrong audience

When you run a Facebook ad campaign, it is really important that you define your audience. You’ll need to target the right age group, right gender group and the right interest people. If you start targetting anyone and everyone, you’ll end up burning your cash and in return will get close to zero results.

For instance, if you own a cosmetics products business, you’ll target females in the age group of 16-45 for your ad campaign because you know that’s the right audience who will use your product. Not males, not small kids or grown-up people. 

If you start thinking like ‘But I can get more leads if I show my ads to everyone, then my friend you’re making a big mistake because a 20-year-old boy will not buy a cosmetic product so from you so you are wasting your ad budget here. So don’t do this, target the right audience to get good results.

2. Boring ad design

If you really want your audience to engage with your ads, you need to have attractive ad copy. I mean let’s be honest, no one likes an ugly ad copy. If you create or design an attractive ad design, the user will be tempted to click on your ad.

3. Keeping high prices 

If you really want your customers to come on board, you have to give them attractive offers. Otherwise, your competitors will and you’ll ultimately lose your potential client. Your prices have to be competitive otherwise your user will feel the same service he’s getting for a fairly low price, so why should he buy from you?

4. Losing hope

With time you’ll realise not all ad campaigns that you run will get you good results. Some campaigns will turn out great while some of them will only burn your money but that’s ok. With these failed campaigns, you need to ask yourself 2 questions: 

a) Where did it go wrong?

b) How can you solve that problem so it does not happen next time?

And once you have your answers ready, you’ll eventually be able to get leads from Facebook ad campaigns. Because the best thing about failures is it teaches you how to not fail again. 

These are some common mistakes people often make when running a Facebook ad campaign. Hope this solves your problem. This is a short guide, you can check the TeleCRM blog for additional marketing and sales tips. 


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