Why Are More People Becoming Locksmiths Than Ever Before?


An increasing number of people are choosing to become locksmiths. It’s an age-old profession, which combines art and technicality in a way that clearly appeals to many individuals. In this article, we look at some of the reasons behind why so many people are choosing to become locksmiths, from the flexibility it provides as a profession to elements like job security.

Job security

When choosing a job, it’s nice to know that you’re not about to become redundant anytime soon. People have required the services of locksmiths for thousands of years, and will likely require them long into the future. The industry adapts to keep up with technological advances, meaning that things constantly stay interesting; the rise in biometric relate security features, such as fingerprint and facial recognition locks, are just two examples of that. 

Whether self-employed or working for an established company, locksmiths rarely struggle to find work, and this job security is part of the allure of the trade.


While many professions consist of completing the same repetitive tasks day in day out, locksmiths get to tackle a different puzzle every day. Locksmiths are highly adaptable security specialists, and most days will consist of visiting properties and advising on how to make them as safe as possible, within a certain budget of course. 

Not all days will be like that though; some call outs will be for lost keys, some to help unseize an old, corroded lock. This variety in the day-to-day activities of the trade is attractive, especially for those who tend to get bored of repetitive industries.

Well paid

Locksmiths are well paid, earning on average between £20,000 – £30,000, with the ability to earn far more than that as experience is gained. How much a locksmith earns depends on their drive, and how many hours a week they’re prepared to put in. It’s highly adaptable and is easy to fit around other life related requirements, especially if you choose to be self-employed. If locksmiths choose to progress into other security related roles as they gain experience, they may stand to earn significantly more, depending on the role.

Future opportunities

There are plenty of options for locksmiths who want to progress their career as they go forward; they can choose to work their way up in a single company, subcontract with multiple bigger companies, or even start their own business, in time subcontracting other locksmiths. As security experts, it opens the door to multiple other security consultancy related trades. This adaptability is a massive plus, as it provides diversity in terms of career prospects should you tired of being a locksmith after several years.


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