Which Window Cover is Best For Your Bathroom?

Window Cover is Best For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is that one space in your home where you can let yourself go, literally and figuratively. For many, it is not just a room where you clean yourself. It is a room wherein you can relax in a bath with a good book or a glass of wine. How you decorate your bathroom significantly affects the ambiance and the mood it will provide when you’re having your me time. You must choose the right pieces to bring this room together to make it pleasing. For this one, we’re going to focus on your bathroom windows.

Covering your bathroom windows is crucial to protect your privacy as you’re most vulnerable inside the bathroom. You’re sorely mistaken if you think you don’t have much choice. Whether you want to use white shutters for windows or use a folding window opener, there is always a choice for you.

Here are some great options you can choose from

  • Shutters

Simple or wanting to be more adventurous with the colour, shutters give a classic vibe to your bathroom. You can use style shutters that cover only the bottom half of your window or full-length ones that fully cover it. There’s also the choice of vinyl shutters that will let you control how much light gets into your bathroom. Shutters are easy to wipe clean and very chic. The only drawback is installation, as you need to get it properly installed by professionals.

  • Valances

A creative and fun way to decorate your bathroom with a unique classic vibe is with the use of valances. They are so many styles to choose from. You can pick a simple one with a minimalistic aesthetic or an exquisite design if you feel luxurious. Valances are also perfect if you feel like your bathroom needs more ventilation. With the help of a folding window opener, you can get rid of the stuffiness in the room.

  • Roman Shades

Another great and fun design to control the light in your bathroom is using roman shades. There is an array of designs to choose from, and you can get creative and mix and match it with valances. These shades can be easily hung and ready to be used. Just make sure to clean them to avoid gathering specks of dust regularly.

  • Long Curtains

Start feeling opulent with elegant long curtains and make your bathroom fit for a palace. The style and the functionality are evenly matched with this choice. With long curtains, it will be easy to find the design or the colour that would match your bathroom. The only con is that it’s not easy to clean, but that’s the price of having a beautiful bathroom.

  • Simple Wooden Blinds

Perfect for the minimalistic or the nature-toned bathrooms. This option gives a neutral feel that is relaxing to the eyes. Wooden blinds are also natural insulators that keep away heat or cold, and they can protect you from dangerous UV rays.

There are many other choices aside from the ones listed above. Go out, have fun being creative, and enjoy your new bathroom.


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