Which Tub to Choose and Not to be Mistaken


There is a huge selection of sanitary ware on the modern market, so today consumers can start when choosing not only from technical characteristics, functionality, but also from appearance, installation features, and other nuances. Stand alone tub look very stylish and original, they add chic to any, even the most concise, interior. 

Your first best decision is a stand alone tub

You should not have questions about the location of such a beautiful tub, it should be a unique place. You should not put a freestanding tub in a corner or near a wall, because such a tub is the queen of the bathroom, and the queen cannot stand under the wall, her place is in the center of the hall or in the most prominent place. A great option would be to install a bathroom near the window, surrounded only by your chosen bathroom tiling products. Just imagine, you are basking in warm water with fragrant foam in your favorite tub and contemplating the frantic rhythm of the big city.

Stand alone tub is a real masterpiece in the sanitary field, it has originality and self-sufficiency, it will decorate any bathroom, only it is necessary to develop and plan the design of the bathroom from it. Stand alone tub will outshine other fixtures and fittings in the bathroom, so don’t worry about buying other bathroom items – a freestanding bathtub will take all the attention.

Your second great solution is an inground hot tub

The main purpose of the bath is to help you relax after a hard day. This is what most users think, although the issue of hygiene occupies an extremely important place when choosing. Until recently, inground hot tub was something out of the ordinary and something that is more typical of foreign films. They heard about them, but in private homes, only the wealthiest people could afford to install a jacuzzi. Everything has changed with the advent of a large number of manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacture of this type of plumbing. Almost all of them are presented in the showcase of our online store, while the range consists of both premium and budget models. This allows you to purchase the most suitable option, based on your financial capabilities and wishes.


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