Which Souvenirs to Get from Scotland?

Scotland has a rich history, so it is not surprising that millions of tourists visit this part of the UK annually. The culture and traditions are extremely valuable for Scottish residents and they are happy to share their traditions with the guests of the country. If you are planning a trip to Scotland and wonder which souvenirs to get from this state, below you can find some most popular items, which are an integral part of the nation.

Traditional Items to Touch History

Of course, it is impossible to describe the history of a country with only few products, but we managed to collect things that have been popular in Scotland for many decades and centuries and still symbolize its authenticity.


Which thing do you first think about when you hear the word “Scotland”? Of course, it’s a kilt! It has been a popular men’s clothing for many centuries and surprisingly it doesn’t lose its relevance even in the modern times. There is no doubt that kilt has already become a symbol of the country. It is absolutely possible to buy it almost on every corner and the price, as well as the quality, can be really different.

Scottish Whiskey

One more symbol of Scotland, which is well-known all over the world is whiskey. The origins of this drink come from Scotland and the country is rich if multiple varieties of whiskey for all preferences. The prices also differ – just choose the one that suits you and enjoy the authentic taste of the most famous Irish drink.


This word may seem unknown for many people, but the item has been extremely popular in Scotland for a lot of centuries. Basically, quaich is a kind of bowl, which has been used for a welcoming drink for family members and close friends. It is still on the peak of its popularity and you can often meet it on the shelves of souvenir shops and in the tableware sections. Quaich Edinburgh will become an excellent decoration for your kitchen or living room, and of course it can still be used for its intended purpose.

Sgian Dubh

A sgian dubh is a traditional knife, which has initially been worn with a kilt. Although it seems a bit old-fashioned, it is still used among the native Scottish people and can become a great present for anyone. You can find it in plenty of shops and it is available in multiple shapes and colours.

Shortbread for Sweets Lovers

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish cookie, which is adored both by kids and adults. You can find it in many supermarkets or restaurants and taste multiple of its variations. It can be kept for quite a long time, so you can easily transfer it from Scotland to other destinations. Of course, nothing can be compared to the home-baked ones, so if you get the chance to try such shortbread, do not miss it!

Tea from Scotland

Although it might be not obvious, Scotland is also famous for its tea. As a rule, when someone is talking about tea ceremonies, we used to think about England or China. It is a delusion to think that Scottish people drink only whiskey since they really love tea no less than English residents. Traditional Scottish tea is strong, but it is anyway great with milk.

Overall, these are the things that are primarily associated with the country. If you are planning to visit it, look through the list and choose the perfect souvenir for yourself or your loved ones. You can find all the mentioned items at souvenir shops, which are always glad to welcome tourists from different parts of the world.


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