Which Online Industries Are Primed to Pounce on Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

If you are a gamer, you’ve probably felt the effects of AR already. However, the entertainment industry isn’t the only one that was affected. AR is taking many industries by storm, and it is only a matter of time before its full effects can be felt. Because of its potential, here are a few online industries that are expected to get on the AR bandwagon soon. 

1. Education

Education has gone online, and soon, AR will affect all levels of education. The idea of augmented reality in education is to enhance educational experiences. Instead of simply hearing about white blood cells, for example, students can actually travel into the human body. 

Incorporating AR into the classroom is known to improve learning efficiency. It works a lot better than other media such as videos, lectures, and books. AR can be incorporated into just about any subject, including biology, math, history, and chemistry. 

Perhaps, the most significant benefit of AR in education is the enthusiasm that it draws from students. Most of them are always excited to interact with AR experiences. They are not only more educative but also more fun and satisfying. 

It uses visuals to tell stories which can be great for children. Like in children’s books, the illustrations help in shaping the storyline. The characters are richly developed, and it is easy to view different perspectives. Students feel like they are part of the story. 

2. Online Gambling

Online gambling is already booming, but operators are always looking for ways to beat the competition. The use of AR may help meet the demand for more innovation and more immersive experiences. Modern players are interested in tech-savvy games, and video-style gambling games are no longer impressive enough. 

Operators are already looking at AR as a tool to keep their players excited. One of the main drivers of AR in online gambling is that it doesn’t require the use of goggles or headsets like VR. It is more accessible, and players can enjoy AR technology without extra software.

 Statistics suggest that the market for Extended Reality, which includes AR, may be worth over $125 billion per year by the end of 2026. The world’s online gambling market will be worth about $127 billion by the end of 2027. The two technologies, when brought together, have serious potential. 

AR is great in traditional casino games. It can transport players into a virtual casino, allowing them to interact with plenty of unique features. However, it really shines in live dealer games. 

The live dealers are superimposed into your environment, and the same may apply to chips, tables, and other players. Integrating AR into live dealer games will increase the already growing interest in online gambling. USA online casino sites that will soon embrace AR are discussed in detail here. 

3. Online Marketing

Augmented reality is an essential tool for digital marketers, and they are likely to fully embrace it in the future. With AR, marketers can transform a static object into a fantastic 3D experience. 

Such immersive experiences are likely to convert leads into loyal clients. AR adds more to the world that a user would typically see. It uses digital overlays to enhance their perspective. 

The uses of AR in online businesses can be divided into three main categories: virtual objects, information overlay, and digital packing. With information overlay, marketers can use AR to give customers a fantastic way to explore a space and discover new information. The information may be in form of 3D models or textual. 

Packaging has always been a fantastic way for brands to speak with their clients. With AR, marketers can communicate with their clients and have some fun at the same time.

 Starbucks, for example, used AR in their Valentines Day marketing campaign. After downloading the Starbucks AR app, customers could point their phones to their coffee cup. It brought some digital animation to life. 

Marketers can use AR to communicate with their customers and explore their products at the same time. The IKEA AR campaign is one of the best examples of such. Customers could view the furniture catalogues and other items without leaving their homes. The app could adjust product sizes to match their real-life view. 

4. Journalism

Journalists are expected to pounce on AR as it can help tell their stories better. In 2015, Outside Magazine, the New York Times, and other publications started embracing 360-degree videos to tell their stories. VR journalism had just started earning its popularity at the time. 

The goal of journalists is to tell stories that make readers feel like part of the action. They strive to take them to places that a regular reader would otherwise be unable to go. It is, therefore, safe to say that journalism and AR are a match made in heaven. Thanks to AR, journalists can display their stories from right where they were picked up. This is especially great for event reporting. AR offers an exciting potential for sports journalism. In the future, sports like football and cricket can be overlaid with statistics that commentators typically develop. 

In the next few years, fans might be able to watch their favorite games featuring the posts of a reporter. Watching sports on your smartphone might become just as attractive as watching on TV. You may be able to catch up with the stats while going on with your regular life.  

Generally, AR will enrich the journalism world. It will provide additional opportunities for telling and distributing stories. AR brings news to readers in a fun new way. 

5. Real Estate 

House hunters today are used to viewing properties on online sites. However, nothing can beat the real thing. With AR, you can get visuals that match the real thing closely. The right visuals can influence the buyer’s decision to visit a location. 

AR allows buyers to stand in an apartment or house without necessarily leaving their homes. It lets sellers adjust the design of the room, hence creating a good first impression. With virtual tours, sellers can target buyers from out of state without having to spend too much. 

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