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Garden Lights

“Which garden lights should I choose to illuminate the surroundings of my house?” This question is asked by many people who would like to add some light to their garden. The choice is so large that it’s sometimes hard to make a decision. We want to help you, that’s why we prepared a list of the most popular and the most functional outdoor lights. Which are the best outdoor lights? After reading this article, you will be able to decide that for yourself!

The best outdoor lights

There are so many garden lights available on the market. The choice is not very simple! However, it’s worth learning more about different types of outdoor lighting, because the proper lighting will make your property much more attractive. What’s more, it will scare away potential burglars – it will be an additional obstacle for them. Thanks to outdoor lights, you won’t trip over stuff in the dark, because everything will be well-lit. Also, getting the key in the keyhole will never be a problem again.

LED bulbs

The first thing worth mentioning is that in today’s world we use LED bulbs. Traditional bulbs are almost no longer in use and this has its justification. LEDs are energy-efficient – they produce little heat, much less than incandescent lights. They also have a longer lifespan. We can say that it’s a long term investment. They are available in many different colours and sizes. They are mercury free, hum free and UV emission free. As you can see, it would be a mistake not to use them!

Outdoor wall lights

If you want to bring variety to your garden, you should consider buying outdoor wall light. At least one! It will bring many benefits – you can play outside with your children till late afternoon. You give yourself a sense of security thanks to outdoor wall light.

You probably place value on your indoor lighting – remember that outdoor lighting is equally important. What’s more, there are so many designs and styles available that it would be a mistake not to take advantage of such a great opportunity. There are very outdoor lighting options – such as great wall mounted lamps!

subtle glow

String lights (fairy lights)

The next type of outdoor lighting is a string light. Those lights are also known as fairy lights or decorative lights. We use this kind of lights for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Most often they are used during Christmas, that’s why they are usually called “Christmas lights” (we will write more precisely about Christmas below).

However, there are many other occasions to use them! If you are organising a garden party, you simply cannot forget about the most adequate lights – string lights! You wouldn’t want your guests to leave the party when it’s still bright. That’s why outdoor lights are necessary – with them you and your friends can have fun till morning. It means they are functional. What’s more, they look very nice. They can accompany you especially in summer months when you want to enjoy your food in the fresh air.

Sometimes all you have to do is to wrap them around shrubs or trees. Not only that, outdoor string lights are really flexible. By flexibility we mean that they can bring light even to areas that different fixtures struggle to reach. The warm white LED light will delight you! But if you’re a fan of multicolour – do not hesitate to choose colourful LED outdoors!

Solar lights

Solar powered lights are outdoor lights at low-level intensity. That’s why they are often used as decorative lighting. They emphasise the atmosphere of the garden. The amazing play of the lights and play of shadows is highly appreciated here. Solar lights delight with a variety of colours and simplicity both summer and winter.

They are used to illuminate garden paths, driveways to garages and terraces. They are simply made for exposing small garden architecture and ponds. Solar powered lights can also complement a plant composition.

Solar post lights

Basically, the thing is to put a solar light on the post. This is a great decorative garden lighting idea. Thanks to that solution, you can illuminate your garden and, in particular, the stairs. The overlay is supplied with solar energy. It has a rechargeable battery. The charging time and the working time may vary according to the location and the season of the year. Increased exposure to sunlight ensures longer working time at night. Undoubtedly, these outdoor lights are notable and worthy of choosing.

Festoon lights

When it comes to festoon lights, we also call them party lights and they are big bulb garland lights. Usually you can come across multicoloured or warm white festoon lights. You can associate these outdoor lights with films from the 1950s – these lights were used in fairgrounds in the past. It doesn’t mean that we cannot use them in the present – quite the opposite!


Garden garlands are outdoor lights which can immediately catch the eye. They present themselves outstandingly both at outdoor events and in everyday situations. They create a great atmosphere and when you are around them, you want to relax right away. You are free to choose white or RGB (red, green, blue). The possibilities are limitless!

Garden lanterns

The floor lamps usually have additional features – they are dimmable and flicker-free which contributes to the cosy and romantic atmosphere. The undoubted advantage of these outdoor lights is that their height can usually be adjusted. They are very handy! What’s more, their light, romantic design is perfect for gardens.

Small standing lamps (post lamps)

Small-sized standing lamps have a construction of a lantern, but they are significantly lower. These outdoor lights are modern and innovative (but you can also find models in classic design). They are available in different sizes, heights and colours. They can be mounted or free-standing. They will work superbly just off the terrace or on garden paths.

Lamps in the sphere shape

A lamp in the shape of a sphere will be an ideal solution for your patio! Just use it around your patio. Modern LEDs automatically light in the dark – they are equipped with dusk sensors. There is no problem with cabling. The installation of these outdoor lights is very easy and intuitive. All you have to do is to choose the right location in your garden and to stick your lamp in the ground. There are colour-changing LEDs and cold white LEDs too – which means the whole range of colours.

wall light

Spike lights

Garden spike light is something you should choose if you’re looking for a flexible solution. That’s because you are free to change the position of the light easily whenever you want. You can adjust each spike light to make the most of the space (and to give depth to the outdoor space) in your garden. Installing is as easy as possible – it’s the matter of pushing spike lights into the ground.

Thanks to those lights, you can create a glow around trees. You can create a focus light onto a sculpture, too. You can also make use of many spike lights (and shadows) and welcome your visitors. And finally, you can light up a terrace, a courtyard, flower beds, pots, an edge of your lawn and/or a walkway. The diversity of its use is huge!

Security lighting

Safety first – this saying is popular not without reason. We try to avoid unnecessary risks in order to stay safe. We can ensure our safety thanks to the security lighting. It provides us with great visibility. No intruders are prepared to risk because they have no place to hide. By security lights we mean LED outdoor wall lights and floodlights, mostly with PIR motion sensors. We can call it smart lighting! 

Decking lights

If you look for an inspiration for lighting your decking area, nothing could be more simple – just bet on LED decking lights. You will be able to enjoy the area when the sun goes down. Use it when you want to eat meals with family and friends. Use it to highlight landscaping, pools or even fountains, if you actually have one. Use it several times and create an atmosphere you need!

Christmas lights

Who said that Christmas tree lights shouldn’t appear in the selection of the best garden lights? Whoever said that, was wrong! We can certainly use Christmas lights outdoors, not only indoors! With the use of this type of lights, we can decorate and illuminate facades, entrances to the houses, patios, trees and gardens in general!

They look absolutely cute and it’s hard to imagine Christmas without them. Can you imagine Kevin McCallister’s house from Home Alone without colourful tinsel? You can get inspiration from this film and illuminate your garden as much as you like!

Which parts of the garden should be illuminated?

The gate and the front door should definitely be well-lit if we want them to be functional. The chosen light should be directed downwards. The key is to throw light on the door handle, the door lock, the doorbell and most importantly – the person who is standing in front of the gate or the front door.


Surfaces and each garden path in your garden require illuminating too. They can be lit from below, with the use of light fixtures that are mounted in the yard. Also, they can be illuminated with the light from above, from the light posts.


The next thing we shouldn’t forget about while illuminating the surroundings of the house is the elevation. It’s worth doing for the decoration, not necessarily for the functionality. For this purpose we can use wall lights which give a soft light and headlights in the headliner. We can also consider using light fixtures placed on the surface around the house. What you should remember about is that the light cannot be too strong – otherwise it might disturb you.


Some plants in the garden will look amazing illuminated by spotlights. LED lighting in blue sounds really good in this case, but we have to keep in mind that this type of lighting attracts insects. That’s why all the outdoor luminaires are adapted to light sources in a red colour.

Moreover, you ought to illuminate a pond, if you have any. Putting tiny transparent LED ball-shaped light bulbs into a pond is an interesting idea. Remember that lights placed on the surface of water or on the bottom of the water tank must be hermetically sealed.


It’s not that easy to say what are the best outdoor lights. It’s hard to choose one type of garden lighting. Happily, we don’t have to do this! We can choose much more than just one, depending on the place/object we would like to illuminate. We can take advantage of LED bulbs, wall lights, string lights, solar powered lights, post lights, festoon lights, garlands, lanterns, spike lights, security lights and decking lights. We can use them in the area of the gate, the front door, paths, elevation, driveways, plants etc.


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