When To Switch From A VPS To A Dedicated Server

Switching from a virtual server to a dedicated server is a big decision for any business. Since it can easily cost many times more than a virtual private server, the organization will want to make sure that the cost is just in comparison to the benefits reaped. When is the right time to move on from VPS to a dedicated server, however? Read on to find out what kind of scenarios call for immediate action.

Performance Problems

If your VPS resource usage stays high and the network slows down, or it crashes every time the CPU spikes, it’s time to upgrade. What you will upgrade to vastly depends on your situation and the options your web hosting provider gives you. If you’re on a tiny VPS, then upgrading to a larger one should solve your problem. However, if you are on one of the topmost tier VPS plans, it’s time to upgrade to a more dedicated solution with plenty of power.

Maximized Bandwidth & Space

Another common reason to upgrade from VPS to a dedicated server is to remove bandwidth and space restrictions. While your virtual server’s performance may be excellent, you can still experience network degradation through demanding more throughput than your allotted bandwidth allows. A dedicated server will get all those restrictions removed so you can make full use of a T1 or higher fiber connection. That will enable you to get all the throughput you need with no bandwidth restrictions.

Full Control & Access

Even though a virtual private server does an excellent job of mimicking a server environment, it still falls short of offering you the full control and access you would enjoy with a dedicated server. That is part of why many large organizations utilize dedicated servers far more often than virtual ones. A private server will allow you to take full administrative control over the operating system and hardware. It enables you to make hardware upgrades, install or uninstall software, exercise tighter user controls and restrictions, and much more.

Privacy & Security

While virtual private servers are significantly more secure than cloud containers, there is always an inherent security risk when multiple accounts occupy the same server. Because of this, it is highly advisable for companies dealing with private customer or business-related data to use the most private form of hosting their level of business will allow. While a virtual server is private and secure enough for most small to medium-sized companies, larger organizations tend to be targeted more by highly seasoned cyber-criminals.

Other Reasons To Upgrade from VPS

There are many other reasons that your business may want to upgrade from using virtual servers. In some situations, a dedicated server may offer easier access. It may also provide more centralized access points across different platforms and networks. Or perhaps your company needs a large batch of VPS or cloud containers, in which case a dedicated server offers the most cost-effective and customizable means to create your cloud or virtual server network. In other situations, you could potentially want to utilize an innovative payment method such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in which case a Bitcoin VPS would be perfect for your needs. Whatever the case may be, though, as long as you make sure that a dedicated server isn’t going to be overkill for your organization’s needs, there’s no wrong reason to upgrade from a VPS to dedicated.


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