When Going Green Means Making Green: Making Eco-Friendly Profits

Going green means a lot of things to different people, with many associating it with higher costs. Learn why that’s sometimes farthest from the truth!

Consumers want to be green. A 2019 survey showed that 77 percent of respondents preferred paper packaging over plastic because it was perceived as being more environmentally friendly than another unsustainable packaging.

When the majority of consumers are more likely to purchase something that they think is more environmentally friendly, there’s green to be made.

Keep reading to understand how going green can also mean making green.


What Going Green Means

Going green is a popular trend in which consumers and companies focus on creating and purchasing products that are good for the earth. This means that products are often biodegradable, plant-based, plastic-free, paraben-free, sustainably-sourced, etc.

Many people think that going green is more expensive, however, going green is actually a great way for businesses to save money while making money.


The Benefits of Businesses Going Green

We already know that going green can make a business look better in the eyes of a consumer.

Take iugis for example. This is a great example of a company that is working to reduce and dispose of food waste in a sustainable way. By appealing to a consumer that cares about their carbon footprint, they can make money by promoting a more eco-friendly way of food waste disposal.

Going green can help your business go from surviving to thriving. Let’s dive in.


Legal Compliance and Benefits

Another benefit of going green for business is legal compliance. Most countries have regulations in place to promote the wellbeing of the environment. Additionally, most countries have economic benefits to going above and beyond when it comes to environmental standards.

Going green could actually save you money!


Status Symbol

Going green is a status symbol. Just as consumers feel pride in purchasing something that can biodegrade, businesses can use this appeal to their entire enterprise.

When your business is viewed in conjunction with a green status symbol, you’ll appeal to new clients and customers.


Lower Long-Term Costs

Many people think that going green is expensive and while there are some upfront costs, you can actually save money in the long run. Take solar panels for example. If you install enough solar panels to create energy for a large portion of your business, although the upfront cost for the panels will be a lot, down the road you’ll be saving money on your energy bills.


Boost Employee Morale

Another great benefit of going green is boosting employee morale. Going green shows that you care about the environment, and providing employee benefits if they go green shows that you care about your employees. Happy employees mean better productivity!


Go Green Today

Now that you know what going green means and how it can actually help make you money, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Start turning your business towards a green initiative today and keep reading to learn all about the going green movement.


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