When Do You Need An Electrician?  


Typically, there are going to be Youtube videos on how to do very basic electrical jobs in and around the house, but you cannot always trust what is on the Internet. Some of us tend to be very busy or just generally lack the required skills and knowledge to perform the bare minimum electrical tasks around the house, and for these reasons, you should know when you’ll need an electrician. 

There are specific instances, especially in a household, where you’ll need to call an electrician, such as: 

Lights/Sockets Faults

Lighting faults can be a major inconvenience, whether they’re flickering, dimming, sparking, or even turning on by themselves. These are all signs you should call an electrician as you don’t know the full extent of why these problems may be occurring. It is important to be as descriptive as possible when speaking to your electrician, such as when the lights went out, or if there is more than one light suffering from these faults. 

It could also be your lamp that is suffering, which could indicate that either your lamp is faulty, or your socket could have a problem. A good indicator that your socket may have a problem is if it is hot. When appliances are plugged in and is generating heat, the socket should never present heat too. If your socket becomes hot, unplug your appliance, switch off the socket and contact your electrician as soon as possible. It’s crucial to keep contact information for local electricians handy for situations like these.

Strange Odours

Notice a smell coming from your socket? Turn it off. It is better to be safe than sorry that you’re not inhaling any toxic fumes from inside your socket. Get on the phone with a qualified electrician as soon as you start to smell the odours coming from your socket so they can diagnose the problem. 

An Overuse of Extension Cords

Choosing the right extension cord is the first step, as it needs to be able to deal with the voltage of several plugs. It is important not to overload and overuse an extension cord as when they become overstressed, they can deteriorate and cause a serious shock when plugging in or unplugging other appliances, and can even spark up a fire. If your socket gets affected by an overused extension cord, contact an electrician as soon as you can, and remember, extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis – unplug them and switch off the socket when not in use, it can also save you money on your electricity bill! 


You’ve most likely seen minor sparks come from your plug sockets or extension cords and thought nothing of it as your appliance continues to work. Sometimes, however, these sparks can cause a short circuit, which is when an abundance of heat builds up in your socket, the insulation covering the wires can begin to melt. If these wires become exposed, they can cause a fire, and when an electrical connection is made, the sparks start to fly. Contacting a professional electrician as soon as this happens can prevent further electrical damage. 

AMP Electrical are NICEIC-accredited electricians that cover both domestic and commercial properties, ranging from new build electrics to outdoor & garden lighting, and more. 


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