Wheelchair Types That Are Easy to Push

There are so many different kinds of wheelchairs that can help people with mobility impairments. Investing in a high-quality wheelchair can make a huge difference so it is really important to do your research when choosing the right model. Wheelchairs can help to provide more freedom, ease aches, and pains and offer more independence to the user. 

With such a wide range of wheelchairs available on the market, there are many different factors to consider when making your choice but one of the most important is how easy the wheelchair is to push. 

In this article, we will lay out the three types of wheelchairs that are easiest to push.


Lightweight & Durable Wheelchairs

The biggest determining factor in how easy or difficult the wheelchair is to push. A lightweight wheelchair can dramatically improve the lives of both the wheelchair user and the person pushing the wheelchair. Pushing, pulling, and maneuvering people in wheelchairs is not an easy thing to do so we need as much help as possible. It is particularly important when traveling that you have a lightweight wheelchair to make it as easy as possible to take it on planes, trains, and buses. As well as choosing a lightweight wheelchair, it is also really important that you choose a wheelchair that is durable so that the wheelchair lasts a long time and is not easily damaged. It may seem that by choosing a really lightweight wheelchair you will be sacrificing durability but these days that isn’t the case. 

Modern wheelchair designs and frames are far lighter than traditional frames but when it comes to the most lightweight, durable wheelchairs – aluminum is the ideal material. A lighter wheelchair is not only easier to push but is also easier to load and unload into vehicles and to lift up single steps. 


Transport Wheelchairs with Small Wheels and Removable Parts

Besides looking for a wheelchair with a lightweight frame, it is also worth choosing a wheelchair with removable parts as this always makes loading and unloading your wheelchair easier and also makes it easier to change parts that need replacing. One of the biggest obstacles to pushing a wheelchair is when there is a problem with the wheels so look for a wheelchair that has small removable wheels. Smaller wheels make wheelchairs more maneuverable which makes pushing the wheelchair much easier especially on concrete and other hard surfaces. This is the reason why many transport wheelchairs have smaller rear wheels which are incredibly helpful when steering in locations that are restricted in terms of space.

It is important to keep in mind though, that transport or transit wheelchairs are often designed to be pushed by someone else rather than the wheelchair user operating them. If you are looking for a versatile wheelchair that is good for both the user and a helper then this may not be the best choice. Foldability will make storing the wheelchair easier while detachable parts like footplates, arms, and wheels will reduce the weight of the wheelchair, even more, when you need to lift and load it. 


Self-Propelled Wheelchairs with Bigger Wheels

For the highest level of independence that a wheelchair can offer, the best option available to you is probably the time for you to look at self-propelled wheelchairs. This type of wheelchair will provide maximum freedom and independence to the user but also has very strong handles when you need to help out with a little push. Self-propelled wheelchairs are the perfect option for people who have the requisite strength in both arms to operate the wheelchair themselves. 

Self-propelled wheelchairs typically have much larger rear wheels than the wheels at the front, which offer ease of mobility and a more comfortable ride on the uneven ground no matter what the surface. As well as manually propelled wheelchairs, motor powered wheelchairs are a great option as they can be used by anyone who has the ability to control a lever. When a wheelchair user first transitions to a self-propelled or motor-powered wheelchair, they often need a little extra help with the transition so they are intentionally designed to be very easy to push. 

Buying the right wheelchair can really transform the lives of people with physical disabilities and mobility impairments. There have been some amazing advances in wheelchair technology in recent years that have provided some fantastic benefits for wheelchair users. Make sure to identify the features that are the most important for your needs and research the different options available so that you are able to fulfill those needs. 


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