What you Should Know Before Moving to Sacramento

Sacramento skyline

If you’re about to move to Sacramento, you might want to know a little more about the area. You probably already know a few things about the city, but it never hurts to familiarize yourself with somewhere new.

In this article Nick, moving manager at Sacramento Movers, will tell you you a little more about this vibrant city so you feel more prepared about your move.

Sacramento is a very diverse city and it’s located on California’s northern side. The 5th largest city in the state, the population has reached approximately 500,000 people and is thought to be a very relaxed place to live. This makes it the ideal destination if you have a young family or you’re looking for somewhere friendly to live.

It’s Close to San Francisco

The city of Sacramento is close to San Francisco and many other cities. It’s also fairly close to a lot of parks and forests, making it ideal for those who love the outdoors. You might have to travel for a few hours to reach those parks and forests, but they promise to give you a great day out.

It’s Full of Young People

Sacramento has quite a young demographic. In fact, more than one quarter of the population is under 25 years of age. If you want to live in a city that has an aged population, you might want to consider moving somewhere else. This is because only 10-15% of the population is older than 65. However, what this means is there are plenty of coffee shops, bars, and places that young people love to frequent.

Sacramento’s Climate

If you love the hot weather, you’re sure to love living in Sacramento. This is because it has something of a Mediterranean climate. This means you can enjoy some mild winters, but they can be quite wet at times. When it comes to the summer months, you can expect them to be hot and dry.

Regarding rainfall, you will see the most rain fall between October and April. However, the months of June and September might also see a few light showers. You can expect around 60 days of rain every year, and up to 19 inches of it.

Getting back to the summer months, the temperatures are usually around 75.5°F in July. However, Sacramento does enjoy the “delta breeze”, which helps to keep the temperature down slightly.

The winter months don’t tend to be very cold and it’s unlikely that you will see any snow. The last time there was any snow worth mentioning was in 1976. However, when it comes to fog, you can expect to see quite a lot of it. This is because you’ll be located close to the ocean. The months of December and January tend to see the most fog and at times, visibility is less than 100 feet.

Getting Around Sacramento

When it comes to making your way around Sacramento you will find that the roads are good and the area is nice and flat. Most of the drivers in and around the area are quite sensible so you should feel safe getting out and about.

Using a car is a great way to make your way around as there isn’t much in the way of public transportation. However, it is much better than in other parts of California. Please note, you will need to have a California driver’s license before you can get behind the wheel. This is only the case for those who live in Sacramento though, rather than those who are just visiting.

– Taking a Taxi

If you don’t have a car or you simply don’t want to drive, you can take a taxi. You should be prepared to pay at least $5 for your journey, plus at least $3 for each mile. Taxis in the area are usually quite good and can help you save time on your journey.

– Going by Rail

If you want to travel by rail the Regional Transit Light Rail will take you to where you need to be. The good news is you can find a lot of great routes throughout Sacramento. However, those that are not reached by rail can be reached by bus. If you would like to travel a little further then the Amtrak service could be the right option for you. There’s free WiFi, and it’s usually quite a comfortable way to travel.

– Going by Bus

One of the great things about living in Sacramento is you can hop on a bus at any time. Buses run 24-hours a day and there are more than 270 routes available.

Learning more about Sacramento before you move there can help you to get a good feel for the city. You can start to imagine what life is like there and whether it’s the right city for you.


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