kickfollower- What You Can Do to Grow Your IG Followers


Instagram seems to be all anyone can talk about at the moment. It’s the second most used social media platform for staying connected to people, but that’s not all it’s proving to be useful for. Instagram has now become an essential part of getting your message out there—whether it’s for personal reasons, you want to be an influencer, or you use IG as part of your business marketing plan. It’s a numbers game with Instagram and the amount of followers you have can make the difference.

How do you up your number of followers? One way is to hire an Instagram growth agency. It’s exactly as it sounds—they’ll help you grow your Instagram audience. Here, we’ll review the Instagram growth agency KickFollower, and you’ll be able to see if it’s the right agency for you.

Kickfollower Interface

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some basic good things and challenging things of KickFollower.


  • Customer service. KickFollower prides themselves on being available to you when you have a question. They have a global team, so you get nearly round-the-clock help if you need it.

Welcome Kickfollower

  • A two-person team dedicated to you. Real people who you can talk to and work out the details of your growth plan.
  • Immediate results. We’re not talking 1,000s of new followers per day, but we are talking about some new followers with a gradual increase in the growth over time.
  • Comprehensive dashboard. A plethora of information at your fingertips–from the number of new followers and other activity by day, month, or year.
  • Simple sign-up. Visit their site, create a profile, choose a growth package, and enter in other pertinent details.
  • Safe. They use the highest industry standards to keep your info safe. Yes, you have to give them your password to begin with, but after that, you can change it.


  • No free trial. Some companies will give you a 30-day trial, but not KickFollower. They do, however, compensate this with no contracts.
  • No guarantees. Although we really don’t see this as a con since any company who guarantees growth is probably using bots.

KickFollower’s Services

KickFollower’s main purpose is to serve you, their customer, growth on your Instagram account. You get two people (along many others behind the scenes) focused on increasing your followers: Your account manager and your growth expert. Your account manager is your go-to person for any questions; reach them by email and live chat. They can answer any questions you have or help you change your growth strategy, if needed. Your IG growth expert is the one taking action on your IG account your behalf. Based on the package you pick, your growth expert will follow, unfollow, like comments, post comments, and/or view stories

NOTE: KickFollower does not post content for you—this is still your job, and you do it best because you know your audience best. You can hire Instagram growth service so you’re not spending your time seeking and searching for followers. You outsource those tasks so you can go out and create that wonderful, lovely content your followers want to see on your IG account.

What’s the best thing about KickFollower?

Organic growth!! This means real followers gathered by human interactions. A lot of growth services will use bots to get your followers—and this goes against IG protocols, and it can get your account shut down. KickFollower stays within the limits IG sets for the amount of interactions per day you can do.  With KickFollower, you get real service from real people.

How do I get the most from an IG growth agency?

Your target audience is the one thing you really need to know and define in order to get the best and most growth from KickFollower. Your target audience is the people who are interested in your content or the product you’re selling. They will be the people who engage with your account, like your content, share your product, and spread the word. Growth isn’t just about the number of followers you have—you want people who will interact with your page. Once you define your audience, you’ll enter this info into your dashboard and talk with your account manager to make the most of the info you’ve provided. The data you get from KickFollower can help you adjust your target audience as needed.

How safe is KickFollower?

They are as safe as you can get. In terms of money, they use the highest industry standards on their payment platform and never share your information. In terms of your Instagram account, they do everything within the limits IG imposes for interactions and they never use bots, which are forbidden by IG. REAL people doing real work means there is no chance your account will be blocked.


How much does KickFollower cost?

There are three different packages to choose from:

  • Personal at $59/month: Choose this package if you just want a to boost your personal page.
  • Influencer at $89/month: Choose this package if you’re looking to get in with the Insta-famous crowd.
  • Business at $229: Choose this package if you’re a business owner and want to use Instagram as part of your marketing plan.

Is KickFollower the IG growth agency for you?

We think they are, but we expect you to do your own research. We think you’ll find the reviews for KickFollower are superior to some other growth agencies out there. Remember: You get two people dedicated to your account and their customer service is ranked very high. These are two of the things we love most about KickFollower.


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