What to Keep in Mind for a Successful Mobile App

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Today’s user prefers to use a mobile phone application rather than visit a website. This makes us think that the development of mobile apps could be an opportunity right now and in the future.

The problem is that there are already a large number of applications available in the main markets. We will have to find a way to launch a proposal that can stand out from the rest. Now, the most important aspect to have a successful mobile app is to partner with a professional app development company.

Regardless of whether you are a novice in the world of application programming, or whether you are already a professional, here is a complete list of recommendations that can help you succeed in this world.

Recommendations to succeed with our mobile application

1. Functionality

A basic mistake is to start with the development of the application without stopping to think about what the main features of your application are going to be.

You will have to look for functionality that can engage your user.

A good example is gaming apps, but transport apps, home delivery apps, or messaging software also stand out.

2. Shape an intuitive and fast interface

The user interface is one of the most important criteria that will have to be worked on in detail during development. It can be understood as the way to establish direct communication with the user, a way for the user to interact with the app.

For this reason, the programmer should choose a clean and simple interface . You should bet on ease of navigation and make complicated processes easier (we are talking about the registration or purchase process, among others).

Every detail of the navigation must be outlined and for this, it will be necessary to put yourself in the mind of your potential customers.

Of course, the operation must be fast so that your user does not despair every time he/she has to use the tool.

3. Improve response times

Speed is one of the factors that users value most when using mobile applications.  The truth is that most of the apps we develop operate against backend services ; in this way, they will get the information they need or register the data of the app.

It is vital that the tool can take advantage of all the possibilities offered by mobile technology. Thus, we will avoid those dreaded slowdowns that could make the user close the app and not open it again.

For example, we should take advantage of background resources, local information storage, fast approximation georeferencing, etc.

4. Availability in the most important stores

Experts only recommend that the application be uploaded in those stores where we can really be able to maintain it. The minimum would be to bet on Google Play and the Apple Store, which are the famous application stores for the Android and iOS operating systems, respectively.

It could be interesting to upload our applications to other types of markets, but you should be clear if your potential customers are there, or if you are just going to waste your time.

5. Maintenance time

As much as your application has been properly tested, it is impossible not to make some mistakes. Also, it is possible that you can come up with some formulas to speed it up, that you can do things differently to load the processes in a more fluid way, or improve its functionality with other technology.

Any application that is uploaded to Google Play or the Apple Store requires continuous maintenance, and this requires your time.

It is important, since it will guarantee the best experience for the user, and it will be clear to the user that we have not forgotten about him.

6. Security

Did you know that security in mobile phone applications is one of the aspects in which less time and resources are invested? This is inconceivable, since it is something very important for the user.

The way to approach the security of the application will depend on the type of data with which we are working, as well as its sensitivity.

The tool must be able to store the data and communicate it securely, through an encrypted data storage system or with the HTTPS communications protocol.

7. Tracing

Once we have created the application and it has been launched on the market, we will have to launch a tracking and monitoring tool, capable of offering us usage statistics in real time.

The analysis of this data is essential to know the real needs of our users. Thus, we will be able to know where there is room for improvement and we will have an easier time correcting possible errors that may arise.

These are the 7 main factors to consider so that an application can succeed right now.


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