What to do when you’re Feeling Anxious

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According to a report, 40 million Americans are living with an anxiety disorder. They feel anxious all the time. They also experience anxiety attacks, fear of talking to people, and their anxiety worsens to the extent that they couldn’t work for some months. When they visited the hospital and were diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. I’ve been privileged to work with my doctor on anxiety reduction techniques. I’m going to share with you in this article. This method worked on how to reduce anxiety, and it is still working for people. Right now, people feel better; they can interact with people, and start working. Below are tips on how to get rid of anxiety. 


1. Accept That You’re Anxious

The first method on how to calm anxiety is to admit that you’re anxious. Have it at the back of your mind that “anxiety is normal feeling, just like any other feeling,” says Deibler, author of Therapy that Works. You will start accepting anxiety when you remember that normal emotional reaction. Acceptance is necessary because trying to stop anxiety worsens your condition. It gives you feeling that you been anxious is intolerable

Worst scenarios can be created in your head when you are feeling anxious. This sometimes occurs when you are dating with social anxiety. When you accept fear, it doesn’t mean that you are signing in for a miserable life or like it. But by taking the fact of it, you would benefit from it as it is, and at that period, reality includes anxiety. Whenever you are anxious, ask yourself a question like is my anxiety based on any experience, proof, or fact. Then you will realize your answer is No and this will give you great comfort. 


2. Write It Out

One of the worst parts of anxiety is not noting the reason you’re nervous in the first place. You might feel worried without cause when lying on an idyllic beach while the ocean breeze blows from a distance. Write something seems important when something bothers your mind because it will bring more attention to the issue. Walk around with a file card that you can use to write whenever your anxiety pops up. 

In this situation, writing will help a lot. You can explore your feeling effectively by writing, especially when there is no one around to talk to and share thoughts. According to studies carried out, keeping a journal is a suitable method of dealing with negative thoughts and feelings, and it aids in reducing stress. Sometimes your heart starts to beat fast while approaching your love, then you should read dating tips & advices blog to avoid any kind of anxiety in a relationship. In another study on the anxious test, It was discovered that participants who wrote short notes on their feelings before writing the test; scored more than those that didn’t write.


3. Find a Mantra

Whenever I was anxious, I make positive affirmation each time to help change my mood. I employed different mantra that I always say to myself when I’m anxious. I kept on saying to myself; this feeling is not permanent. With this statement, I felt calm. Especially when I have a panic attack. I kept reminding myself that I had survived panic attacks in the past and affirm that things are going okay so far I’m patient with myself. Employ an extra effort by replacing a negative thought with a positive one. 

Chantelle Doswell, a lecturer and licensed counselor at Columbia University’s School of Social work said, employing mantras to tackle anxiety can result in a calming effect. Also, he noted that mantras would be useful to folks suffering anxiety in two ways. It will focus their minds and also provide counter-narratives to anxiety that will automatically provoke their thoughts. 


4. Breathe In And Out

Taking a deep breath helps you to calm down. One of the most effective ways of Calming anxiety is to breathe in and out whenever you’re anxious. You might have been aware of some breathing exercises; you don’t have to count out a fixed amount of breaths. Instead, focus on frequent breathing in and out. Chansky says this will assist in slowing down and organize your mind. Throughout the day you are feeling nervous try to inhale and exhale at a slow pace throughout such day.

Hyperventilation is the problem people face whenever they are anxious because they tend to take a breath with their upper lung, instead of their lower lungs. When you inhale slowly, the average volume of oxygen is going through your nose and filling the lower lungs. This gentle breathing method will relax your attitude. Finally, this method helps to supply enough oxygen intakes and regulate your carbon dioxide exhaled.


5. Just Do Something

The final method of how to stop anxiety is to do something. Whenever you’re anxious, stand up from where you are sitting. Take a little stroll, and you can throw a piece of waste on your desk in the trash bin. You can regain your sense of control by doing any action that can regulate your mind, Chansky suggests. 

When you are anxious, you will find it helpful when you focus on meaningful activity. Just ask yourself what you would do if you aren’t worried. If you were to visit the cinema or if you were to do your laundry, proceed in doing it. It will worsen the situation if you sit passively in a place thinking about your feeling. You will learn a vital lesson by doing what so ever has to be done because you will surely feel better. Then, you’ll be able to stop anxiety and manage your healthy life with stress.  



You will be able to control anxiety by trying the five suggest methods on how to relieve anxiety. That is, you should admit you are anxious, write something, find a mantra, inhale and exhale and try something meaningful. If you try these five suggested methods on how to control anxiety, your mind will be relaxed, and you will regain control of your mind. 

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