What to Consider When Choosing a Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution

In today’s world, customers expect more than just a good product or service. They want quick and reliable support when they have a question or concern. That’s where a contact center solution comes in. By implementing a contact center, businesses can streamline their customer support and provide a consistent, omni-channel experience for their customers.

However, choosing the right solution for your organization may seem daunting; with so many solutions on the market today, how do you know which one will best suit your needs? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the features to consider when selecting a contact center solution that fits your unique set of requirements.

Overview of Contact Center Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business world, customer interactions are of utmost importance. That’s where contact center solutions come in. These solutions offer a single platform for managing different channels, teams, and processes required for customer engagement.

The key to a successful contact center is the ability to consolidate multiple channels like chat, email, voice, and social media into a central point. With a contact center solution, organizations can efficiently handle customer inquiries, complaints, and requests in a hassle-free manner, ultimately leading to satisfied customers and better business outcomes.

7 Key Features for Choosing Your Contact Center Solution

1. CRM integration

To ensure that your call center is delivering personalized answers to your customers in a timely manner, you need a contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your CRM. It offers numerous options such as identifying customers quickly in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or enriching your customer data.

Integrating your CRM with your contact center solution is essential for providing high-quality customer service and improving business outcomes. CRM integration ables contact centers to provide high-quality customer service, which is a prerequisite for business success.

2. Interactive voice response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a powerful tool that not only ensures that your customers can always reach someone when they need assistance, but also allows you to streamline your call center operations by directing calls to the best agent for the job.

IVR also offer self-service options to your customers, allowing them to quickly and easily handle simple requests without tying up your agents.

3. Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) enables the intelligent routing of inbound calls to the most qualified agent available, based on language proficiency, expertise, or product knowledge.

In this way, customers get connected to agents capable of offering timely, clear, and accurate solutions, which greatly enhances customer satisfaction. With ACD, wait times are reduced, leading to improved productivity for the contact center as well.

4. Automatic pop-up files

With the automatic pop-up files feature, your customer service teams will be able to access all relevant customer information instantly, right when a call comes in. By integrating your contact center solution with a CRM, all necessary information related to the customer can be displayed on the agent’s screen during a call.

This means that your agents can provide a more personalized service by knowing who they’re speaking with, their history, and any previous interactions.

5. Real-time supervision

Real-time supervision feature allows supervisors to have an overall view of call center activity using customizable dashboards that provide access to important indicators. With the ability to quickly make decisions based on information such as agents online, customers waiting, and agent availability or breaks, supervisors can effectively manage and optimize call center operations.

In addition, other useful supervision techniques such as discreet listening, whispering, conferencing, and internal chat can greatly enhance agents’ performance and efficiency.

6. Reporting

When selecting a contact center solution, it’s crucial to keep in mind the importance of reporting. Key performance indicators such as response time, handling time, and resolution rate are all key factors that directly impact your customer satisfaction rating.

That’s why having access to rich reports is so critical for overseeing these metrics and making data-driven decisions that will optimize your overall customer experience.

7. Call recording

The call recording feature is essential for many reasons, including quality control, training, and dispute resolution. With call recording, you can keep a record of all customer interactions to ensure that your team is delivering the best possible service.

You can also use these recordings for training purposes, playing back great calls to help team members understand what works and identify areas for improvement. And in the unfortunate event of a customer dispute, call recording can be a lifesaver.

Which Call Center Solution Should You Pick?

Choosing the right call center solution can be overwhelming, especially when you want to ensure that your customers receive top-notch service. That’s where Bucher Suter’s call center solution comes in.

b+s cloud-based platform offers an intuitive and flexible solution that adapts to your specific needs. It’s an all-in-one solution that lets you seamlessly provide customer service on every channel and maximize the output of outbound campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to offer flawless customer service or strengthen your outbound call campaigns, the b+s solution offers everything you need to take your customer support to the next level.

How b+s Contact Center Solution Has Helped Businesses in Past

Bucher + Suter’s contact center solution has proven to be a game-changer in the world of business. One such example is its successful implementation by TrialCard. They were able to achieve their primary objective of ensuring customer satisfaction by addressing common issues like long hold times and frequent transfers.

The solution also helped the company reduce problem resolution time, which has contributed to their growth without the need for added staff. By resulting in significant operational efficiencies, b+s’ contact center solution has helped businesses achieve their goals and meet the evolving needs of their customers.


Contact center solutions can be a great asset for businesses and organizations of all sizes. They enable organizations to provide superior customer service, streamline operational processes and optimize the interactions between agents and customers. When selecting a call center solution, be sure to consider the 7 key features outlined in this blog post.

Depending on your particular business needs and budget constraints, you can choose from many different solutions that have varying levels of feature sets. With the right solution in place, your organization will be well-equipped to handle even the most complex customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.


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