What Technological Innovations Do Modern Casinos Offer Their Customers?


Many casinos, while maintaining a traditional approach to providing comfort and relaxation for customers, are also introducing the latest technology, which is already creating a meeting of the past with the future, without disturbing the harmony and without forcing customers to abandon their former preferences.

Facial recognition system

A breakthrough in terms of ensuring conditions for responsible gambling, which many regulators have been working on for years, will be the introduction of face recognition. It is possible that later the technology will also be available at online casinos, which use gadgets with webcams for access. Such solution will not only reduce the level of cheating, but also get rid of land-based casinos from unwanted customers who violate internal rules.

RFID technology 

RFID technology embedded into the chips will allow casinos to track which bets are involved in which chips, which, in turn, will allow research on player behavior and uncover new details about the games themselves. Additionally, the technology can deactivate a chip in case it is stolen or its location can be determined.

VR and AR technologies

VR and AR technology used in the online segment immerses players in a space completely identical to a traditional gambling establishment. Given the experience of global self-isolation, it is possible that many, having appreciated the features of the online segment, will easily adopt new solutions.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain in casinos is not yet as widespread as standard methods of payment, but experts point out that the specificity of the technology provides transactions with greater security, as well as the speed of all transactions like in the same day withdrawal online casinos.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is more and more often implemented in online casinos, helping operators to anticipate customer requests and then transfer some information to gambling regulators who will help stabilize the market and bring underground operators out of the shadows. Increasingly, based on the data obtained by operators, players are receiving recommendations for individual interests. Thе advantage of predictive analytics is the work of AI, which analyzes a large array of data. On the basis of the final analysis developers create new products, due to which the probability of customers leaving decreases. 


The experience of computer games has also been successfully adopted by the gambling environment. Gamification of online casinos has brought additions to the segment in the form of tournaments, leaderboards, storylines, etc. The success of this format can also be ensured by the increasing popularity of games among users.

COVID-19 check through the camera

The wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all lines of business to adapt. For example, at the beginning of summer the casino in Germany Wiesbaden began checking the body temperature of visitors through a special camera from the company DERMALOG. In a matter of seconds, the camera takes a measurement, allowing to screen out those who have a risk of disease. In addition, the camera checks for the presence of a face mask.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization and gaming technology is a constantly evolving trend that is changing both the online casino gaming landscape and the player experience. Mobile apps and devices offer players a unique and convenient gaming environment in which they can access different games as they please.

RTP programs

RTP programs are crucial to ensure that every player has the best possible gaming experience. They measure the return to player (RTP). Real money online casinos use these programs to ensure that their RTP games offer players fair odds and achieve a given RTP.

Casino operators set the RTP so that both the casino and the player have a good chance of winning. How much players can win depends on a clear ratio between casino revenue and player winnings.

Modeling and design

Gone are the days of classic slot machines with three reels. Nowadays, players have a number of online slots that vary in design, simulation and features offered.

From the simplest slot machines to progressive slot machines with fantastic rewards, online casinos now include hundreds of different slot machines to satisfy a huge audience. Improved gameplay, game themes from books, movies and comic books, and top-notch sound are just the tip of the iceberg.


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