What You Should Know About the Caring Tips for Shoes

What You Should Know About the Caring Tips for Shoes

Latin shoes are opened-toed sandals with straps and heels which are higher than ballroom shoes to balance the weight on the ball of the shoes. The Latin dance shoes were made of suede to allow the dancers to slide and glide and prevent falling while dancing on the floor. Both Latin and ballroom shoes are flexible for freedom during dancing. These shoes should be maintained well to allow ladies to perform effectively during dancing activity, here are some of the protocols to be taken when caring for Latin and ballroom shoes.

1. Storage Matters

Firstly, Latin and ballroom dance shoes should not be thrown after a dancing session, this is the worst thing that most dancers do after a tiring session. More so, the shoes should not be thrown into plastic because they will start to decay and stink as a result of the sweat. When the shoes are stored in the close surrounding, they can invite bacteria and can contribute to the ball smell in the room where they are kept.  

Furthermore, the shoes should be stored in an open, aerated and dry place. This is the best way to prevent the bad smell and keep bacteria away from the room. You can also fill the shoes with tissue paper as this removes moisture that could have been produced as a result of sweating. Always remember never to use the heater to remove moisture because heat from it damages the leather. The shoes should be stored in the proper place for the accessibility when need arise.

2. Cleaning Your Dancing Shoes

Secondly, a lot of concern should be taken when it comes to cleaning the shoes depending on the material used to make shoes. If made of canvas, they should not be dried using a drier as it leads to the shrinkage of the material used. Some of the materials cannot be cleaned using the cleaning machine and so creativity must be applied to ensure that shoes are clean for example a damp cloth can be used to clean the leather shoes and leave them to dry. You can then polish the leather shoes using cream polish as this ensures that the lifespan of the leather is taken care of.

During cleaning, a toothbrush can also be used to remove some of the remaining dirt from suede dance shoes. The brush is very crucial as it ensures that the stains are removed before the shoes dry. Always check that the shoes are completely dry before putting them on. The shoes should be kept when clean to promote their durability.

3. Repair

Lastly, for the machine to function well it needs to be repaired in case it is won out. The same applies to Latin and ballroom shoes, the repair can either be sewing or gluing of shoes. This should be done to prevent accidents that can occur during the dancing activity. After every session try to check whether the shoes are in good condition for the next session.


Ultimately, it is very important and crucial to care for Latin and ballroom dance shoes and this will enable you to use the shoes for a longer period. The aforementioned proposal like the storage matter, cleaning and repair can enable your dancing shoes to serve for a longer time.

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