What Should I Study if I Want to Become Rich?

Study if I Want to Become Rich

Are you looking for a study when you finish high school? And do you want to make a lot of money when you start working? Then it’s good to choose a study with a chance of a well-paying job. But what are the best paid jobs in the Netherlands? We looked into it for you and in this article you will find the answer. 


General tables are not very reliable, especially for the higher salaries. There is also a large variation between professions at different institutions. The best example is the CEO or general manager. Within companies, these are logically the best earners. However, there are also directors of their own private companies with few or no employees. These do not have high salaries. On the other hand, there are the enormous outliers who, for example, sell their company dearly.

Also missing from our list are ministers, footballers and cyclists, not to mention those who earn their income with capital, such as with crypto. This is because there are also great differences in this industry. To give just one example, a premier league soccer player earns up to an average of almost 290,000 euros in the 2021/2022 season. In the first division you have to make do with an average of 40,000 euros per season. 

The professions that earn the most

Below you will find a list of professions that bring in a very nice salary. Are you graduating soon from a study that focuses on one of these subjects? Then hang out your graduation flag (in Dutch: geslaagd vlag) and special graduation decoration (in Dutch: geslaagd versiering), because it’s party time! 

Clinical chemistry researchers

It is a long study, but then you have something. As a researcher in clinical chemistry you will earn on average between 180,000 and 240,000 euros per year. 


Do you love to travel? Then turn your hobby into your profession. A good pilot earns between 112,500 and 200,000 euros per year. 

Commercial directors

As a commercial director you can earn a lot. With the emphasis on ‘can’. This salary is very much dependent on the size of your company. But it lies somewhere between 64,000 and 192,000 euros per year. Not bad, right? 


Also for accountants the amount depends on the size of the company and the clients. But somewhere between 27,000 – 162,000 Euros per year it certainly is. 


Also a very long study, but well worth it. Besides saving people’s lives, you also earn a nice salary of between 70,000 and 130,000 euros per year for it. 

Do you already know what you want to be when you grow up? Of course money is important, but we especially want to advise you to choose something you feel comfortable with. You often have to stay in your job for a large part of your life. And of course you want to enjoy it!


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