What Makes Ukraine One of the Best Hubs For Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing

Looking for a reliable outsourcing company with moderate rates, a lot of experience, and English-speaking developers? Consider Ukraine as your primer outsourcing destination!

Ukraine, a country located in Eastern Europe, has been growing its potential as an IT outsourcing hub for a decade. Corporations like Google, Oracle, Samsung, and others opened R&D centers here, top US and European enterprises delegate custom software development to Ukraine, and Ukrainian specialists powers world-famous startups like Grammarly, GicLab, and many others. 

So, why is Ukraine so popular in terms of software development and other IT services? Here are the top reasons that make the country look so attractive for those who look for quality outsourcing vendors.

Huge Pool of Talented Developers

Software Outsourcing

Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe. At the same time, it also has a great number of software developers. According to the latest data, there are at least 200 thousand specialists who work in this industry.  

Being a developer is a prestigious and profitable career path in the country, so a lot of young people choose to enter the IT industry. There are more than 20 technical universities that provide a strong base for future engineers. Private, informal education is also an option, as the market offers dozens of IT schools, offline and online courses for people who want to change their career and try themselves in software development. 

As a result, it’s pretty easy to find skilled, experienced developers who can work with diverse technologies and actually provide you with quality code. 

Strong IT Outsourcing Market

It is a fact that half of the Ukrainian software developers work in outsourcing. The IT export is huge, and you can find hundreds of IT companies that are focused on outsourcing and outstaffing only. 

It is a huge benefit for clients who seek a great partner. The environment of software outsourcing in Ukraine is highly competitive, meaning that vendors aren’t frozen in one place. The abundance of competitors pushes Ukrainian companies to be constantly growing and working on their client services, expertise, and competencies. A bad company won’t survive, as the clients have a chance to involve another Ukrainian vendor and get the quality they need and want.

Great Location

As we mentioned, Ukraine is situated in Eastern Europe, between East and West. For Europeans, it takes from one to three hours to arrive in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, or Dnipro. These biggest cities have direct air communication with the main European cities, as the main global airlines have entered the Ukrainian market in recent years. 

Ukraine is located in GMT+2 / GMT+3 timezone and has a big overlap in working hours with Europe and Near East. With more distant countries, like the United States or Canada, the time difference will be more significant. But even eight hours between aren’t a problem, because Ukrainian companies have already generated enough experience in remote cooperation to ensure seamless and efficient communication.

Moderate Rates

Let’s get real: cost optimization is the reason that drives companies to outsource. From this point of view, Ukraine is really a good destination: the average hourly rate is around $25-40, which may be two times low than rates in Western Europe or the United States. 

However, it doesn’t reflect the quality of the development: in this case, a lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality. Ukraine is a  developing country, so overall, the prices and salaries here are smaller than in the developed countries. Thanks to that, you may still hire great specialists who will charge you less than your local ones.

English Proficiency

Though Ukraine hasn’t ever been an English-speaking country at its core, you won’t have any troubles with language barriers. According to EF EPI 2021, Ukraine takes 40th place among all countries in the world. 

The IT cluster can speak English well, as 80% of developers have an intermediate level of English knowledge. It is considered a benefit for an employee, so a lot of people work to improve their English. The language is also taught in schools and universities, so the younger generation has fewer problems with it. 

Cultural Compatibility and Great Work Ethics

Ukraine as a country is in the stage of constructing its national identity, and the society is turning towards European values and mindset. In the business area, it reflects in accepting European standards and compliance, embracing Western practices and approaches. Hence, there is a big chance that you will find a common ground with the Ukrainian vendor pretty easily. 

At the same time, Ukrainians are known as hard-working and easy-going nation. Ukrainian will be open and straightforward with you and will do their best to deliver a project of high quality. 

Strong Infrastructure

IT clusters are growing rapidly in the country, and there are already established IT communities in the biggest cities. It also means big, comfortable, and innovative offices and coworking spaces where development teams can work. 

An average IT office of a Ukrainian outsourcing company has a lot of equipment required for efficient work and cooperation, meeting rooms, kitchens, recreation areas, and everything else that a modern tech company should have. 

Ukraine is also known as a country with great Internet speed by relatively low prices, so remote work is also possible. Due to lockdown, a lot of Ukrainian outsourcers decided to switch to a hybrid approach to work, meaning that employees may choose how they want to work: in the office or remotely. Some companies combine the two options by having a team in the office for a few days in a month, and the rest of the time embracing remote work. 

In Conclusion

Ukraine has everything to be the capital of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe, and it works steadily to get there. A Ukrainian outsourcing company is a good choice, and cooperating with top providers here will give you great results and a lot of benefits.


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