What Makes Marvel Movies Better than DC Movies?


To understand what brings about the difference in Marvel movies compared to DC movies, we have to bear in mind they are two competing superheroes.

But what is this key thing that makes Marvel movies better than DC movies?

Read on to understand.

Which is better, Marvel or DC?

There are two clear-cut reasons why many are concerned with the success of the two personas.

First, the Marvel story’s characters become a superhero before the character arc, whereas in DC, a character becomes a superhero at the end of the character arc.

The next reason is that there is no longer a touch of the world for which DC heroes were created, but this can be seen vividly in Marvel’s heroes.  

The strategic phases have made it possible to have Marvel movies in order to enable a consistent engagement of the audience.

But you know investing in a winning strategy comes with its own challenges; Marvel has made it possible to stir up great heroes and build solid profiles.

Marvel movies have more characters; this also gives them a competitive edge. These characters have emerged winners in more categories.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has it all when it comes to cultivating one’s curiosity. But Dc tries to dig its way out by fitting as many heroes as possible.

The unique thing with Marvel is that their characters have a backstory, the likes of Hawkeye and the Widow.

Very true!

These backstories are well relatable to the audience. But to DC, it’s a nightmare.

Generally, the success may be attributed to the primary competitor’s efforts, the “Ant-Man”. I guess a great number have never heard about him.

It doesn’t matter whether DC still has some famous characters such as Superman and Batman still; they cannot outdo the number of blockbuster hits enjoyed by Marvel. You can watch the numerous blockbuster movies of Marvel on fmovies as well.

Could the difference be in the approach of comics and phases?

It’s an undeniable truth that Marvel movies have planned the future of their genres, one that is likely to stay for years. The difference can be seen in the way Marvel has its phases and the breed of characters. The continuation of phases is promising, that Marvel is built to a commitment of serious characters with a future plan of making dreams come true.

The cinematic world has its share of having Marvel movies in orderWhile both movies have managed to develop their characters over the years, Marvel seems to be winning.

It’s a clear fact that Marvel movies and comics continue to sharpen their characters. They have a unique technique that paves the way for the next project with a perfect end of each phase as follows:

  • Phase 1, which started from 2008-2012, was the origin of Marvel movies with characters such as Captain America, Ironman, and Thor. Marvel makes the perfect ending with The Avengers, which brought up an exponential increase in Marvel movie’s popularity.
  • Phase 2, from 2013-2015, brought up other characters such as Wanda, Guardian of Galaxy, and Vision. Such made-up the fight against Avengers Age of Ultron against Ultron.
  • Phase 3 or the Big one was from 2016-2019 that produced the infinity war.
  • The upcoming phase 4 has made it solid grounds and is to be released from 2021 all through to 2023. The Phase with the WandaVision series was released in January 2021.
  • Phase 5 is still under development.

The phases show that Marvel has wonderful plans for the future to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe worthwhile. This is a heavy punch to the DC movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has Marvel movies in order, and now it becomes a tug of war for Dc to compare themselves with Marvel. With characters like Spiderman who have proven to be great superheroes of all time.

How about visual analysis?

When comparing what the DC s has done in the cinematic universe, the issue of the quality of the script should be a concern.

The concern is how a comic should appear in the screen transition. With this, Marvel has thumbs up.

Let’s start with the DC’s features vivid on Batman v Superman in the Man of Steel comic. The movies are not set in our world. They seem to be in uncanny places. The architecture and the landscape too, seem to come from Mars. 

The surroundings may seem artificial, and the movie looks as if it is another world. 

We can also bring up other comics, such as Suicide Squad, and there could be no difference in the striking.

But, Marvel seems to take a different style. Without a doubt, anyone can enjoy them as if they were in the real world. Thanks to the visual style shooting. If you had a chance to pull out a superhero, you would probably not tell the difference of whether you were in a genre movie. This alone is an element that traps viewers’ attention.

The take!

DC may not bring out the touch of coming to real life. But Marvel has its own way of showing how the world would look as if we had superheroes.

What is the key to this? Marvel movies in order with its non-standard characters.

Everyone is no longer interested in beautiful faces. They yearn for unusual things, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel’s raccoon Rocket.

What is the final take?

The divide shows that both DC and Marvel have different sorts of stories. But the uniqueness of it all comes from the fact that Marvel has a unique way of integrating characters than DC

Due to the low rate of DC movie production, Marvel movies are far much ahead of the game. In fact, most of the ratings are between 75%-90%, and some movies hit up to 94%. This is not the case with DC movies. Their rating is much lower. For instance, Joker by DC has 68%, and this is one of the highest-rated movies.

The comparison shows that there are clear-cut reasons why Marvel movies are better than DC’s.

If your question about the difference, it would suffice to say that where there is less frequently of movies, less will go out for advertisement. With one movie per year, disappointment steps in. This is the real world to DC fans. 

Marvel movie fans can enjoy between 2-3 movies per year. With this, Marvel fans expectations sails high, the same enthusiasm goes out to push Marvel to produce more movies.


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