What leadership policies can help uplift the middle class?

It is quite unfortunate that the liberal and capitalist values that have been propagated for long didn’t prove fruitful for the masses. The situation demanded these big players to rise to the occasion but once again might be the right was the order of the day. In modern times, those who hold strong economies are directing international order and we need to look into where the middle class stands right now. 

With millions of loss of jobs in both Europe and the US, and businesses facing severe operational crises to date because of pandemic lockdowns, you can’t just say that the middle class can survive on its own. They usually run hand to mouth with their monthly budgets and lack savings to survive against months-long economic crises. 

World leadership has to think once again about what policies need to be implemented in the near future for the uplifting of the middle class. It is for their own good because when people are happy and flourish, their spending’s increases resulting in an increase in overall economic activity. Due to this significance, let’s see what policies can bring potentially good fortunes:

Adopt some Communist or Socialist values.

We will have to get over the dilemma that communism or socialism brings harm to us. It is interesting to note how taboo these topics have been. Nevertheless, these are economic and governing values and you can always take them under consideration. Socialists normally focus on taking power from the rich and distributing it to the workers. You shouldn’t do that as this affects productivity and motivation to work for growth purposes. 

But, still, authorities can tax their income which crosses a certain threshold. Often we see that big players are provided tax waivers and someone has to cover up for that eventually. Governments should have a stringent check on taxation values and come up with policies that would tax more the rich and use it to uplift the people living around bottom lines. 

Technology for all.

It is hard to believe fact that the internet penetration rate stands around 60% and they are just a little short of half of the world’s population. Access to the internet is now considered one of the basic necessities of humans and it guarantees personal elevation and growth to a great extent. World organizations need to set this agenda for themselves that they have to ensure technology is introduced and remains accessible to most of us. 

Governments are now formed and broke with social media power. Those who remain deprived would have quite low awareness levels and miss out on real growth opportunities. The Internet world has evolved a great deal, freelance and virtual economies are now the force on their own. Check out the website here about how the latest technologies and AI algorithms are shaping up ways of growth investing. 

Finding sincere leadership.

It has been quite disturbing times and surely one cannot deny the severity of the crisis. If this situation happens ever again, we can’t bear to have similar systems in place. Individuals who are aware need to take the lead and motivate others too to participate in the build-up processes as much as possible. If you get the right and sincere people to top positions, surely things can be directed to a positive change with collective efforts. 


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