What is Wordable?


When it comes to writing, publishing, and uploading content onto websites, there are many apps, systems, and software you can choose from.

In terms of collaborative teamwork, Google Docs is one of the most popular, whereas when it comes to website building and publishing, WordPress is at the forefront. However, apps or platforms like Google Docs and WordPress don’t always play nice with each other.

One of these applications that can help make life easier, particularly for people who need to work with Google Docs and WordPress, is Wordable. This article discusses what Wordable is, what it can do, and if it is right for you.

What is Wordable and Its Purpose?

Wordable is an app designed specifically to make it easier to upload or transfer Google Docs to WordPress. It allows you to transfer documents from Google Docs to WordPress with a few clicks of your mouse. This is its one specific purpose, although it also has several other features. It is based in the US and was created in 2016

You might wonder why this app exists or why it is essential. The issue is that Google Docs and WordPress don’t get along very well.

On the one hand, Google docs is great for teamwork, for those instances where teams need to work on the same project or file, and moreover for teams who need to see changes that others make in real-time.

This is something that WordPress cannot do. On the other hand, you cannot publish anything using Google Docs. This is where Wordable comes in. It’s a tool that lets you transfer the writing/work from a teamwork-friendly and collaborative environment to the platform where you will be doing the publishing, which, in this case, is WordPress. 

From Where Can it Transfer Files and Writing?

Wordable is designed to work exclusively with Google Docs. Anything you and your team do in Google Docs can then be uploaded to WordPress.

Where Can it Transfer Files and Writing to?

Wordable was created to upload work to WordPress. However, it also works with several other web design and publishing services, including Medium and HubSpot. In this sense, Wordable is quite convenient.

Wordable is User-Friendly – Your Formatting is Safe

One of the best features of Wordable has to do with formatting. When it comes down to it, when you transfer Google Docs to WordPress using virtually any other available method, WordPress will affect your formatting.

That Google Doc you formatted with all of the right bold and underlined words, those bullet points, and number lists, and the proper paragraph and line spacing all come undone.

However, Wordable is designed so that any formatting you did in the Google Doc stays as is when you transfer that Doc to WordPress. This is a great feature, and it’s one thing that makes paying for Wordable worthwhile.

Who is Wordable Best for?

Wordable is designed for media companies, writing teams, blog editors, affiliate bloggers, solo bloggers, and everybody in between. It’s best for people who transfer five or more Docs from Google Docs to WordPress per month. As Wordable itself states, it’s probably not worth the cost if you only need it for a couple of monthly posts.

Wordable – Cost

Wordable is defined as a premium service, so if you guessed that you will have to pay to use it, you are right. First, you can activate a free trial of Wordable for 30 days.

With this free trial, you will get three free exports, and all without having to enter a credit card number. If you are satisfied that this service is what you need, you can then purchase various monthly membership plans.

  • Wordable Professional – $50 per month
  • Wordable Team – $100 per month
  • Wordable Company – $300 per month
  • Wordable Enterprise – $1,000 per month

Wordable Reviews and Ratings

If you look online, you will see that Wordable is very highly rated in many respects. Wordable has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Final Thoughts on Wordable

The bottom line is that Wordable is a tool that can effectively link Google Docs and WordPress for a much more cohesive experience. It comes at a great price, it has excellent features and is user-friendly.


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