What is the Value for Money Offered by Airtable Cost vs Asana Cost?

Airtable Cost vs Asana Cost

There are many project management tools available in the market and there is a lot of overlap in their features. But Airtable and Asana are two solutions that are unique in their own ways. This article compares Airtable cost vs Asana cost amongst other things with a detailed analysis of their features. It will help readers decide which software is more suited for their needs.

Differences Between Airtable Cost vs Asana Cost

Airtable is the best system for managing databases, tracking events, and keeping track of multiple tasks while Asana is best for task management and team collaboration. Airtable is a cloud-based platform but Asana software is web-based which means it requires a lower internet bandwidth but cannot operate offline. It provides extensive reporting options and the budgeting or invoicing tools are built into the software. Asana is much more suitable for internal projects handled by smaller teams.

Airtable Software

Airtable is a project management solution that helps create and share data according to the requirements. It can be used to develop databases, create tasks, and track several events. The software helps users manage all information in a similar format to Microsoft Excel. It is a hybrid tool that combines spreadsheets and data management features.

Asana Software

Asana is a task management solution that helps users organize their activities and track the progress from the dashboard. It was launched more than ten years ago by the co-founder of Facebook and has been growing in popularity. The web-based platform allows managers to keep track of tasks, create projects, divide them into subtasks, add due dates, and assign them according to the employee skillset. The program has been designed for teams that want to track daily work and complete long-term projects by collaborating with other departments or companies.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is an important factor to consider when choosing project management software. Those companies that are looking for an affordable solution that takes care of their needs should learn more about the value of money offered by different solutions. We have compared Airtable cost vs Asana cost to help readers make the best decision.

Airtable pricing

The software follows four different plans including the free version. The paying customers using the pro plan will have to pay per user which can increase the bill for large firms. However, creative teams or professional service providers will benefit from the features included in them.

The free version of Airtable software gives users 2GB storage space, unlimited databases and 1,200 records stored in each. It also provides calendar, grids, request forms, Kanban boards, and gallery application viewing options. Users can collaborate in real-time and comment through the mobile browser, desktop version, iOS or Android applications.

The plus plan includes all the features in the free version but users can get an additional 5 GB of storage space with 5,000 records stored per base. The pricing for this plan starts at $10 per month. The pro plan increases the storage space for users to 20 GB and the number of records per base also goes up to 20,000. This plan costs $20 per user and includes many other advanced features such as customized user forms, increases privacy for specific projects and priority customer support. Managers can edit user account type and limit their access to specific projects. Certain sensitive parts of the project can also be restricted through password protection.

The Airtable software enterprise plan is only available for large organizations and a personalized quote can be obtained directly from the company. The storage space increases to 1,000 GB and there are unlimited number of workspaces. Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who can be called whenever there is an issue. The users get personalized training and the onboarding process is smooth for the entire team.

Asana pricing

When comparing Airtable cost vs Asana cost, it is important to discuss the pricing plans provided by both. Asana has a free version and three paid plans namely premium, business, and enterprise. It is a great solution for small teams and there are features similar to Airtable included in the same price. Every plan is billed per user and the cost goes up as the size of the team increases.

The free plan allows users to create tasks and view them in the form of a list, board, or calendar. There is a dedicated Chrome extension for the software and a mobile application that can be used to follow task progress. The software integration options are limited and it is only available to teams of up to 15 members.

The premium plan offers many more features than the free version and includes a timeline view option too. There are custom fields in the forms, more dynamic automation rules, and milestones that can be tracked. The administrator gets their own console through which they can create a public or private team. They can add an unlimited number of users and guest accounts to the project, which is great for those teams working with freelancers. The pricing starts at $13.49 per user per month.

The business plan includes many more features such as portfolios, locked custom fields, document proofing, approval workflows and tracking options. It has advanced integration options too for a range of popular software such as Tableau and Salesforce. The software costs $30.49 per user per month.

The enterprise version of Asana software also offers pricing through custom quotation and guarantees 99% uptime for the customer’s peace of mind. There are additional enterprise features that provide users with the ability to add or delete users, add custom branding information to templates, and get priority technical support. The users can also export data to other systems or delete it in bulk.


The Airtable cost vs Asana cost debate shows that both products are almost equally priced although Airtable is slightly less expensive. However, Asana has a more powerful free version. Those teams that need to connect to several third-party solutions will prefer Asana but Airtable is much more useful for teams that manage their databases in spreadsheets.



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