What is the Best Online Form Builder

Since you understand the prominence of forms as an online professional, you might be interested in picking one. However, choosing the right one can be very puzzling. Undoubtedly, all form builders are equipped with essential features nowadays. 

If you ask me what is the best online form builder, I will not make my answer sophisticated. You don’t need to think complexly about online forms. Choose a form builder that is easy to design, includes plenty of necessary fields and provides an automation facility. 

Relying on these requirements, I sort out three online form builders you need to consider in 2020. Let’s check them out.

Mighty Forms

The automation based “Mighty Forms” is a remarkable web form builder to try in 2020. For capturing the pinpoint leads, “Mighty Forms” is an excellent option for both personal and business usage.

They offer plenty of free customizable templates to save time. These templates let you create contact forms, surveys and application formats. You can design them professionally without struggling and update them anytime you want. 

This form builder is rich in advanced features like real-time data grabbing, tracing each iteration and creating CRM sales funnel. You can connect it to Google Analytics and monitor the performance.

“Mighty Forms” offer both free and paid packages for beginners as well as professionals. You should definitely sign up today to meet your expectations.

Google Form

As a free form builder, “Google Forms” is one of the best picks. The creating and managing process is super easy and productive. When someone fills up the form, the data automatically goes to Google sheets orderly, which is quite helpful for further analysis. 

“Google Forms” seems faster comparing the other form builders. It offers plenty of pre-built formats to make your task easy. All templates are eligible to add required fields. You can add almost any field you want, including images and videos as well. 

Though “Google Forms” is an excellent data collector, it did not offer any payment accepting option. Besides, the design facility is limited, that may seem ordinary. 

Microsoft Forms

If you want to create superb forms for surveys, quizzes and polls, “Microsoft Forms” is a powerful form builder to consider. Many users have chosen it for personal, educational and business purposes. 

“MS Forms” is extremely easy to use and suits well with any web browser. It comes with built-in themes and question branching that will lessen your hassle a lot. 

The automatic grading system is a unique feature of this form builder that makes it easier to take quizzes. This is why the form builder is popular among teachers and students.


With Visme form builder you can design engaging online forms in minutes with your brand fonts and colors. You can build your form from scratch by dragging and dropping your choice of form fields onto your form. Easily rearrange and customize the fields so you collect only the data you need. Choose from basic fields, interactive fields, and more. Also, you can pull from all of Visme’s other design elements, like icons, photos, and videos, to create a stunning, interactive form that grabs attention and generate leads.

Another great feature it includes is the polls that let you collect quick responses in real-time. Like Google Forms, all data will be exported to the MS Excel for deep analysis. If you are an Office 365 user, you will have more advanced features of Microsoft Forms Pro.

Each of the online form builders is unique and has pros and cons. However, all these tools are very user friendly and compatible with any devices. Find out the best-suited one among them.


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