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SEOR (AKA Seal Oracle) is a blockchain project for tackling the basic data transmission issue. As such, it is the most natural answer for the high number of blockchains and similar applications. Today, their numbers flood the digital market. As a result of this, we face the problem of keeping all that data under control. 

However, and perhaps more importantly, this might take some of the necessary precision away. In other words, the different digital sources may get out of sync. So, how can we ensure the smooth transferring of relevant data?

Although blockchains changed the game, they pose some new caveats, too. For one, they often impair the process of accessing real-world data. Thus, the actual and blockchain worlds may not intertwine as often as we’d like. Instead, they’ll “step on each others’ toes”. We’ve built them differently, with various purposes in mind. 

Yet, the seamless communication between the two is a big focus these days. Providing smooth, secure, and dependable transactions is the primary function of these domains. That’s why the tech-gurus concentrate on solving this next. 

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What Is SEOR [SEAL Oracle] Platform? 

SEOR is a data protocol system that offers reliable off-chain data to various blockchain platforms. It utilizes independent unifying protocol and on-chain governance. In that way, it can pair with many DeFi projects without much hassle. Such an approach allows SEOR to function regardless of their designs and methodologies. 

In practice, SEOR divides the oracle network into three-dimensional cross-networks via a hierarchical and flexible microservice architecture. Seal Oracle is a blockchain system that allows developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and individuals to accept and employ the newest advancements quickly. In that way, it helps them put their ideas into action. This system uses the top-tier blockchain and intelligent contract technologies. As its usage spreads, it will introduce the next stage of the business ecosystem. In other words, a new era of blockchain technology. 

The Seal-oracle design is modular, extensible, and inherently cross-platform. For this, the platform provides an adaptable Layer-2 technical architecture. Such adaptability allows each member of the ecosystem more open opportunities. Once they incorporate it correctly, they can only benefit and save time. Also, Seal Oracle is beginner-friendly too. Budding brands can take advantage of entering the blockchain space and implement it for a reasonable price. Plus, the transition is quick and effortless. 

Why Did SEOR Emerge? A project supported by Web 3.0 

A characteristic of the current market is unified support. To that end, the oracle system adapts either Layer-1 or Layer-2 networks. However, that might make some everyday operations tricker. For example, tasks like obtaining and verifying crucial data may take longer to process. The same goes for the evaluating of the market’s trend.

On the other hand, SEOR solves this problem by acting in-between the Layer-1 and Layer-2 protocols. Hence, SEOR emerges as the preferred option since its utilities suit customers in a wider variety of fields. Like many entertainment-focused brands, every area that requires a fast flow of information can use it.

The extensive adoption of single-use instance operations is another market problem. Even though there are three main working modes, request/response is the most popular. Yet, this isn’t ideal for many Dapps and their line of work. SEOR proposes to solve this problem by combining all three modalities. Hence, users can incorporate any at their leisure.

Request/response, subscription/broadcast, and quick reading are examples of these modalities. In turn, Dapps are more likely to run at peak efficiency when all three operating modes are present.

As a result, by delivering off-chain data, SEOR bridges the gap in market access for multi-chain/cross-chain Dapps. For comparison, other systems lack such cross-chain. Hence, they do not allow for any chain synching at all. 

How Does It Operate? 

SEOR-NETWORK offers a customizable low-code development Oracle data platform for Link Reality, with high scalability and low technical threshold characteristics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the heart of the standard data protocols regarding the different blockchain platforms. It categorizes them and paves the way for their communication. However, SEOR manages to fill in the gaps and “glue” it all even better. It is the latest blockchain concept bringing some cutting-edge technology. This decentralized protocol more easily conveys data to multiple Dapps, regardless of the framework.

The Main Applications of SEOR

Smart Contract Market

As with e-commerce and digital commerce, the contract market is a global affair. Blockchain and Dapp (the Internet’s decentralized application) form a bilateral market in this ecosystem. However, the innovative contract technology and the open chain tend to fluctuate a lot. That’s why a link is so essential. 

Also, smart contracts are the most stable path for the transactions of such values to process. They are not exactly cheap, though. As a platform, the contract market allows the two to communicate and work directly, and much more efficiently.

Decentralized Applications 

Seal Oracle will use intelligent contract protocols to shield users from various tech inconsistencies. These protocols might aid data extraction and offer a simple interface for each action. So, users will not have to suffer due to the incompatible blockchain platforms. In short, they’ll be able to process their smart contracts easier. This frees up space to focus on their commercial growth. With those capabilities on offer, the Seal-oracle comes with great practical value for your business.

What Does SEOR Have to Offer?

Their approach predates some key elements regarding public blockchains. For one, every piece of knowledge does not need universal sharing. Instead, the building of trust is a much more pressing matter. 

SEOR’s primary goal is to create a hierarchy between the blockchain levels. Next, each compartment will have a clear goal to aim towards. Then, a light-blockchain can handle data collection efficiency, flexibility, availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. More advanced aspects like decentralized on-chain governance and similar technologies will have a different source.

Apart from these applications, Seal Oracle favors many business-related endeavors. It is a tool fitting for every new idea to develop and start generating revenue. So, SEOR offers a practical means for start-ups and small enterprises to incorporate essential blockchain technologies. Consequently, they will soon reap the numerous advantages of innovative smart contracts.

Hence, most ventures are looking to collaborate with Seal Oracle, for instance, Cryptominati Capital recently tweeted about their partnership with SEOR as an investor. 

To Summarize

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving by nature, and so are its issues. That’s why assisting platforms are such an integral part of it. The SEOR protocol is the next big step in unifying the market. As the project develops, it’ll cover more and more of the digital market. In that way, it ensures the compatibility of the different blockchain platforms.

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