What is SAT Exam?


SAT is an exam needed in most universities and colleges for admission. It is a standardized test to apply for studying in the USA. Depending on your score in the exam, your examinees decide whether you will pass or not. The exam lasts for three hours and has three sections. They include math, reading and writing, and essays. The first two sections are compulsory. But you may decide whether to write an essay. When you get prepared for the essay section, you may order essays written for you to practice. The essay section lasts for 50 minutes added to the general time.

SAT is a paid exam. You should pay 46$ for math and reading. And you will need to pay 60$ if you want to add the essay section. The SAT exam implies multiple-choice tasks on paper. The highest score you can get is 1600 points. On average, people have about 1000 points, and that is okay for admission.

The College Board created the exam to check the school students’ knowledge. It is useful before applying for a university. After admission, professors compare the students’ skills and assign them to different groups. This distribution also depends on your final score at school. The managers will also consider the courses you attended at school. It is important to have recommendations from your teachers. You may also present the clubs you attended and your written essays.

In this case, you may also address an online essay writing service. An expert in the service will help you in writing the best essay. It is a good way of getting applied to a university. If you do not feel sure about your writing skills, give them to professionals. Applying to a university or college is an important step in your life. So, you should be sure that your application is the best. You can also consult experts for free in the live chat. The writers will give you a persuasive and vivid essay with 100% originality.

If you have a high score, you may not pay for studying. There is also an opportunity to get a scholarship each month. This is a great option because you will both study and get money. Yet, to get a scholarship, you need to pass the SAT exam on the highest level.

What Are the SAT Rules?

SAT is an important exam for any USA student. So, you should learn all the information about it in advance. It is important to consider all the steps and rules to take it. Then you will make no mistakes when applying for studying. Let’s look at the main rules of the exam.

1. Time of taking SAT

There are different time options to pass the exam. You can take the SAT exam at the beginning of your junior year. Or you can do it at the end of your senior year. Remember that you should take the SAT exam in advance. It is a difficult test, so you may need to take it several times. You should take it the first time before applying. Then you will have time to retake it. You may take the SAT exam one more time to make your grade higher. Yet, you will not have a scholarship in this case. Only students with the first high grades will study for free.

SAT is conducted several times during the year. It is mainly taken in summer in June and August. In spring, it is March and May. In autumn, it is conducted in October and November. And there is only December in winter. So, you may find the best time for you to take the exam.

2. What you should learn

The exam has two main sections. They include math, reading, and writing. If you need, you can decide to write an essay in the third section. Remember that your essay score is not included in your general mark. It is a separate grade compulsory only in several universities 

The reading and writing section is evidence-based. This means that you should describe a case or life situation. You may write about yourself or another person. There is also an option to write about a literary character. In evidence-based writing, you describe the events in short. Then you will analyze it and people’s behavior in this case. You will show people’s actions and their deep reasons. You should also think about alternatives to their actions. This requires your logical thinking and deep understanding of the situation.

3. The length of the exam

The general length of the SAT exam is three hours. If you add the essay section, you will have extra 50 minutes.

4. Your score

The examinees assess each section of the exam separately. Different professors assess different sections. For each section, a student may get a minimum of 200 points and a maximum of 800 points. Then, your scores are calculated and you get the final grade for all the sections together. The highest score you may get is 1600 for two sections. The essay is marked separately and goes like a note together with the general exam. You will have an extra score for the essay.

5. Types of the exam

There are two types of the exam. They include SAT and ACT. It would be better to take the two types together. It will guarantee your success if you have a high score. To decide which exam is more important for you, it is necessary to take practice tests online. There are practice tests for SAT and ACT on the Internet. You may try passing them and you will understand which is better. You will see the tasks of the exams and the topics of writing. It is better to take exams from previous years.

6. Exam registration

You should register for the exam in advance before the deadline. You may see the current deadlines online on different websites. On average, you should register five weeks before the start of the examination. You can register on the website of the College Board.


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