What is SAAS Software for Industry?


Production in the industrial sector has increased thanks to innovation and digital transformation. Thus, SAAS software has a number of benefits, including decreased maintenance and licence expenses. The TEAM International software business is currently undergoing a major industrial revolution.

SAAS software

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model for software in which the user downloads and instals the programme on a remote server as opposed to their PC. Customers can subscribe to the service online instead of purchasing user licences for this version.

Software as a service, or SAAS, is distinct from hosted application providers like ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions.

The ASP employs software that is accessed from a distance. It is accessed by paying an access and usage fee over the Internet or another network.

Licensed software differs from software in SaaS mode in that the former must be installed and executed on a computer or the company’s server, whereas the latter is entirely handled remotely.

The SaaS business model uses recurring monthly or yearly subscriptions that typically need to be renewed.

The industry is really interested in this model right now.

SAAS software’s benefits for industry

Creating a SaaS product offers numerous industries, including the industrial sector, innovative solutions to their digital transformation challenges.

Industry-specific software as a service (SaaS) is a prime illustration of innovation.

This solution offers the following benefits:

  • Transforming and innovating digitally
  • An external hosting provider hosts the company’s solution
  • Customization and adjustment of subscriptions according to users’ needs
  • This solution provider takes care of the maintenance, so the time and money saved is significant
  • Internet-based deployment reduces deployment time

Courbon Software offers SaaS software for industry

PREMIUM SaaS software

The customer’s industrial restrictions are taken into account by this SaaS software. The industry has numerous difficulties. These include freedom in the solution’s evolution and availability, dependability, and security.

The mission of Courbon Software is to create cutting-edge software for clients in the industrial sector that will assist and even hasten their process digital transformation.

In order to deliver SaaS software for business, Courbon Software relies on Axians, a leader in ICT (information and communication technology) solutions and a member of the Vinci Energie group, just like our business. As a matter of fact, Axians supports its clients’ digital transformation by participating in every aspect of their information systems, including their solution design, exploitation, and implementation as well as hosting.

High-quality, premium SaaS software enables you to address industrialists’ concerns.

This premium SaaS solution differs from regular SaaS offers where businesses utilise the same application and have editors force them to upgrade to newer versions.

The offer from Courbon Software is first-rate and customised. There is no versioning policy imposed on the clients, and most importantly, they are not required to isolate their own data. Each client has their own version of the programme and their own database.

What are the challenges Courbon Software faces in the industry?


Courbon Software suggested their Producim product to satisfy Labeyrie Fine Foods’ MES (Manufacturing Execution System) requirements. For this, they installed many functionalities, including performance tracking, quality assurance, and operations management. Axians took part in the digital transition at the same time by overseeing application security and performance availability. The Axians proposal relies on a networked IT infrastructure. Two data centres in the Lyon area serve as its foundation.

By using a SaaS MES service, businesses can avoid setting up and maintaining a specialised IT infrastructure. Additionally, Labeyrie’s multisites will be able to implement deployments thanks to the subscription system’s combination with SaaS software’s scalability and flexibility.


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